Cat Pet Adoption-Finding Your Cat

There are many places that hold cat pet adoption. Places like animal shelters, cat centers or pet stores The street is another place is where you find a kitten or cat to adopt. It can be a great joy for you to adopt a cat or kitten, You will welcome the cat into your family. There are many things to think about when adopting a cat or kitten.

In this article, I will go over the process and how you can find solutions for finding your cat or kitten. You will give your cat or kitten a great home.

Selecting Your Cat Or Kitten For Your Family

When you visit an animal shelter or pet store; spend some time with different cats. You will find that cats have different personalities from each other. I suggest you select a cat that you and your family will enjoy the cat’s personality. I know that some people select cats according to their breed, which can be fine as well.Cat Pet Sdoption

Cats And Kittens That Need To Be Rescued

The many cats that are homeless and are in shelters are adoptable. The shelters has several breeds and even purebreds.
Many rescues have cats that are trained and socialized with people. You might see some cats that are in foster care, waiting be adopted.

Shelters Are Thorough

Each shelter and cat center works hard in matching a cat to a good home. Each center has their own application. Many times there is a small application fee. Adopt a cat, the shelter will follow up with you to see how everything is going for your and your cat.

Shelters would rather find a good home for a cat or kitten. A shelter does not wish to euthanize a kitten or cat. Animal shelters these days want to see a cat or a kitten to be adopted.

The shelter will also supply you with a box to transport your new kitten or cat in your car. So, you can bring the cat or kitten to your home.  How exciting!

Cats and Kittens Are Checked By Vets

In many cases I find that most  kittens and cats that are up for adoption are already examined by a veterinarian. If the cat is old enough, the veterinarian will spay or neuter the cat.

The veterinarian also checks to see the cat is healthy and does not have any diseases.

Cats Or Kittens First Day In Your Home

I can offer tips on what to have for your new cat. I will also offer suggestions on where to place your cat in your home.

I suggest you first start off placing your new cat in a small space in your home. You will set up food dish, water dish and a fresh litter box. I would introduce the cat items to your cat or kitten. You would then train your cat or kitten on how to use the items.

You can also have a toy for your cat or kitten, as kittens and cats are playful.  Enjoy playing with your new feline friend

Keep your windows closed and keep the cat indoors. By keeping the cat indoors, you are saving the cat from acquiring a disease, cat fights and protect the cat from predators.

Introducing Your Cat Or Kitten To Other Pets

Slowly introduce your cat or kitten to your other pets in your home.Cat Pet Adoption

Be sure the cat is healthy before a pet is introduced. Introducing the cat to other pets, stay with your pets and monitor to see the comfort level of your cat and the other pets.  Allow the pets to sniff each other. That is their way of saying hello and getting to know each other.

If the cat or kitten displays stress or aggression. Put the cat or kitten back into ta separate room. Slowly reintroduce the other pets again.You will know when your cat or kitten and the other pets are friendly and comfortable towards each other You will also feel when all the pets accept each other.

Cat Adoption And Life Lessons For Kids

Adopting a cat and explaining the process to your kids is very important. This will teach your kids on how to value and respect animals. Have your child help you care for the cat. This will provide your child with life lessons.

If child is small or a toddler. I suggest you supervise your child and see how your child reacts to the kitten or cat.

Planning A Friendly Cat Schedule

It can be a joy for your to spend time with your cat. I suggest your spend  time with your  new cat or kitten. This way you can get to know your new feline friend.

I find that some cats are more independent than other cats. My cat Sparkle follows me around. the house.
You will find your cat will go onto to your lap if the cat or kitten was previously handled with another person and on their lap.

With a very small kitten; I suggest you put the kitten on your lap. This is if you wish to have your cat as a lap cat.

I also suggest that your play with your cat every day. All cats and kittens need this exercise as it is natural behavior of prey.

Setting Up Your Budget For Your Cat Or Kitten

As you have already figured out that caring for a cat or kitten takes some money. I suggest your put money aside for cat food. You would also spend money on fresh litter for at least once a month.

You would also need to spend money on cat toys and cat supplies.

A cat also needs to visit a vet at least once a year for a checkup and to update the cat on their shots. Please keep in mind some extensive cat procedures can be quite expensive.

Keep Caring And Monitoring Your Cat

Please keep in mind to always care for your cat’s physical and emotional needs. This caring behavior will provide a well-being for your cat.

Also, monitor your cat’s health. Such as eating and grooming habits.

I personally play and pay attention to my cat on a daily basis. This is a way you can get to know your cat and your cat or kitten and your feline friend will get to know you. You will find that you will develop a good and loving relationship with your cat or kitten.


This article explains there is a joy and pleasure in adopting and caring for a cat or kitten.

Please keep in mind adopting a cat or kitten does not come without responsibilities. Involve your family in caring for the cat. This will provide your cat with a happy home.

If you should have any questions or comments on adopting, please write them below. I will be more than happy to assist you. I also welcome stories on your cat or kitten adoption stories.

Eileen Murray


  1. love this post Eileen, great information and advice for those looking to re-home a cat. My cat got run over a few months back, and although it may take some time before i am ready to get a new cat, i will definitely keep the information in this post to hand when i do.

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