How To Choose A Cat Breed-A Cat That Is Right For Your Home?

Whenever, someone looks to get a cat as a new companion and a feline friend. Many times in your mind you may think about and reflect about the cat breed to welcome to your home. I was wondering who thinks about how to choose a cat breed and figure out which cat is right for your home?

There are several considerations a person might want to think about in selecting your new cat or kitten.How To Choose A cat breed
Several of your personal preferences and how the cat interacts with you will assist a you in making your own personal decision.

There are so many cats out there who need a home. Here are some ideas you can consider in picking out a breed for a cat.

Selecting A Cute Kitten Or A Mature Cat

You might want to think about the age of the cat that you may wish to get as a new feline friend.

As a person knows, a tiny kitten can be cute and cuddly. A kitten is always playful and full of energy. A new kitten also needs close supervision to get used to their new environment.

I have found that kittens like to hide in small places, such as shoes and other tiny spaces.
Kittens also enjoy bouncing everywhere to discover their new surroundings.

When, I was growing up my family and I had a kitten as a feline companion. My family and I had to train the kitten on when and where to eat. We also played extensively with our kitten, as the young kitten loved playing with his toys.

You might want to keep in mind that a mature cat can be less playful and have less energy than a kitten. You will find an adult can does not have to be monitored as much as a small kitten.

As a full time worker, I have found that acquiring a cat that is at least 6 months old was a good fit for me. The cat was already neutered or spayed. The adult cat  also needed less supervision than the small little kitten.
Are you aware the adult cat can be on its own more often?

When I returned home from work. My cat would always greet me and say hello.

Personality Traits For Different Breeds

You will see that there are many unique personalities in each cat. It can be a great joy to get to know your cat. Each individual cat will interact with a person in their own special way.

In my experience I have found that some female cats can be more talkative. The breeds were Calico and Tortoise Shell cats. When I speak to cats they usually talked back to me. Siamese cats are a known breed that are more talkative.
A more talkative cat will speak to you in their own language and what a joy that can be for you, to hear cat communication and a high pitched sound.

You will discover that some cats like to sit or lay in your lap. Cats that are lap cats are usually handled as kittens in a person’s lap.
Some cats like to be pet more than other cats. You will find that it can be enjoyable and soothing experience to pet a cat, while the cat purrs with a vibration that a person can feel.

You might notice that some cats liked to be picked up more than other cats. I personally have found that some cats feel trapped if they are picked up too much.

Some cats are more energetic, where they will be on the go all day long. The more mellow cats tend to take more naps during the day.

Persian cats are known to be more mellow. The more exotic breed cats tend to be more active, as this is the wild side of the breed.
When you meet different cats, it is important to look at their personality traits. Check to see how different cats relates to you as a person. How a cat relates to you as a person can be an important factor in finding the right companion.

A Cat For Your Family Companionship

Whenever, you search for your new feline friend. Bring your entire family to meet the new cat. You will find it important to see How To Choose A Cat Breedhow the cat interacts with your entire family.

How great it will be to have your family welcome a new companion to the home and the new cat can be part of your family.

Please keep in mind if you have small children or a toddler a person might want to think about what size cat to get for your family. A tiny kitten might be vulnerable to your child. Some children might pull on the kitten’s ears or tail. You might consider getting a cat that is a little larger. Please keep in mind to supervise your darling child with your cat.

May you and your family enjoy in interacting and getting to know your new cat.

A Cat For A Single Person Or An Elderly Person

I have found that cats can be therapeutic for a single person or an elderly person. A cat can be a great companion for a single person or an elderly person.

I have found a cat will stick by you if you are depressed, lonely and sick. A cat can be a great companion depending on what is going on in your life.

A cat will also offer you comfort and friendliness in an empty house.
You can imagine the unconditional love your cat can provide you?

Is Your Preference A Long Haired Or Short Haired Cat?

As you know there are long haired and short haired cats. As cats come in a variety of fur types and colors. Have you ever thought about what length hair you want as you select your cat?

Please keep in mind there is more maintenance on a long haired cat compared to a short haired cat. It is important to realize that all cats need to be brushed. A long haired cat needs to be brushed every day, as their fur can be easily tangled and matted. If a long haired cat does not like to be brushed or their fur gets too tangled. You will have to bring your cat to be groomed by a professional groomer and possibly the cat’s fur will need to be shaved if the cat’s tangles cannot be taken out.

A short haired cat needs be brushed every couple of days. As you brush a short haired cat, you are removing the excess fur and releasing oils from the cat’s skin.

Please remember it is your decision on if you want a long haired or short haired cat. Try to think about how much maintenance you would like to handle.

How Important Is A Pure Breed Compared To A Mixed Breed Cat?

Are you surprised there are more dog breeds than cat breeds?
Have you discovered that most cat breeds were developed by breeders to create the perfect pure breeds? I have found that many How To Choose A Cat Breedbreeders are not always careful in creating a purebred in a cat.

Did you know that some purebred cats have certain medical genetic health problems? Please research and do your homework on the health problems for purebred cats. It is important to know what you can be up against.

In my research, I have found that mixed breed cats have less genetic health problems are less stress and traumatized.


Here are some of the reasons and decisions to think about as to pick out a breed of a cat .  I hope you enjoy the experience in selecting a cat.

Please feel free to leave any comments or your experience of getting to know your cat. I welcome  you to share stories and responses on how your cat interacts with you and what breed you chose for your new feline friend.

Eileen Murray


    • Hi Brittany,

      I want to thank you for your positive comment. I wish you luck in adopting a cat. May you enjoy the cat that you choose.


  1. So informative! Thank you for this article…I’ve always been a dog person, but I think I would be more open to having a cat down the line, now that I know what I should be aware of!

    • Hello Janani,
      I want to thank you for your encouraging comment. I am happy to share the information about cat breeds. I also like dogs as well.


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