Unusual Cat Behavior – The Reasons Why

As you know, cats can be great companions. Sometimes, you might be wondering why your cat is behaving a certain way. You might wonder if the behavior of your cat is displaying is unusual cat behavior or is the behavior normal. With this article, I will list unusual and normal cat behavior and I will explain the reasons why the cat is behaving certain ways.Unusual Cat Behavior

How Normal Is the Cat Behavior?

Here is a list of normal cat behavior and the explanations of why cats act is these ways.
This list can uncover the mysterious cat behavior for you. You might find that your cat displays these behaviors

  • Head BumpingYou will be happy to know that when a cat head bumps. They cat is being friendly to you by exchanging the cat’s scent. The cat is simply greeting you.
  • Brings You Presents-When your cat places a dead rodent or dead insect. Research states to cat might be thanking you for feeding the cat. Another reason for placing a dead creature, is the cat is sharing their hunting triumph with you.
  • Kneads On YouWhen you are finding your cat is massaging you by retracting their claws. The cat is trying to put their scent on you. This behavior first occurs when the cat was a kitten. The kitten would knead on the mother’s mammary gland to draw out milk.
  • Cat Enjoys Small SpacesWhen you find your cat is saying a small box, small sink or other small places. The cat stays in these small spaces, to feel safe and secure. This feeling naturally comes from the wild. A cat would find an open field to be insecure due to predators finding the cat.
  • Cat Stares at you-When you find your cat’s unblinking eyes are staring at you. Do not be alarmed. The cat might be looking for food or seeing what you are up to, as cats can be curious.
  • Cat Ignores You-Do not worry if your cat seems to be ignoring you. Your cat i just look for quiet time alone. The quiet time can represent the independent nature or your cat.
  • Cries At Night-When your go to be at night, you might hear your cat yowling. The yowling is a natural cry, as cats seek their prey at night.
  • Bite Nails-Just to let you know that when a cat bites their nail. It is a normal grooming ritual. A cat bites their nails to remove the outer sheath of their nail.
  • Presents Their Buttocks-When your cat puts their buttocks in the air or shows them their buttocks. Just to let you know this is normal communication from your cat and you should feel honored. A cat showing their buttocks is a natural way to sniff their buttocks. Like a dog, your cat is greeting you and is really saying “Hello” to you.
  • Covers Food-Sometimes you might be finding your cat covers their food. Do not worry when this occurs. Covering the food is just a natural way to hide the food from predators. You will find that cats cover their food in the wild.
  • Sneering-a cat sneering is technically called flehming. The reason why your cat might snarl their upper lip to smell a scent with the roof of their mouth.
  • Winking-When a cat winks at you. You can definitely take this as a compliment. Your cat is being flirtations with you.
  • Interrupting Phone Calls– My cat tries to interrupt my phone calls by meowing. I feel my cat might be jealous of my phone call and my cat is trying to get my attention. A cat might interrupt a phone call, as the cat might be fascinated with the phone.
  • Cat Tail Twitching-To let you now when your cat twitches their tail as a sign of aggression. The twitching of the cat’s tail can also be a sign of excitement. I suggest you play with your cat if their tail is twitching.
  • A Salivating Cat- When your cat salivates. This means your cat is happy and content.

Cat Behaviors That Needs Attention

You might also see your cat to display mysterious and cat behavior that is not normal and needs attention.

  • Chews Plastics and Other MaterialsSometimes a cat may eat plastic, wool, wiring etc. When a cat eats these materials, the condition is called pica. The reasons why a cat develops pica is because of either gastrointestinal disorder or pica is developed due to anxiety. When a cat eats these materials, it can cause havoc on the cat’s gums and GI tract. When you, find, are finding your cat is eating different material. I would take the cat to a veterinarian, to find out the cause of pica.
  • Excessive Needing- When you find the cat;s kneading is excessive. The cat might be trying to reduce anxiety. When you feel your cat is anxious. I would speak to your vet.
  • Cat Does Not Cover Waste- When you find your cat is not covering their waste in their litter box. The reason could be your cat might have a urinary tract infection or your cat could have an injured paw. I would consult with your vet.
  • Cat Cries Excessively-To resolve this excessive crying, I would play with your cat in the daytime or evening. If an, old cat cries excessively at night. I would consult with your vet.
  • Over Grooms-When your cat does excessive licking or scratching. The cat might have fleas or a skin condition. When you feel your cat has fleas. I would put on a flea powder on the cat. When you feel your cat has a skin condition. I would consult with your vet.
  • Sudden Nip Bite- When you are petting your cat and the cat suddenly bites or scratches you. Your cat can be over stimulation. I suggest you stop petting your cat immediately, as your cat is over stimulated and needs a break

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder in Cats-Behavior Issue

You might find that your cat will display repetitive behaviors. I suggest you keep a record of the repetitive motions.Unusual Cat Behavior

Some of the symptoms and types of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder such as; excessive grooming, where is fur goes bald in spots. You also might notice a cat paces over and over again. Other symptoms include repetitive vocalizations, compulsive eating, and sucking or chewing fabric.

Causes Of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Some of the causes of obsessive compulsive disorder in cats are:

  • Stress in cat due to changes in environment or surroundings
  • Mental Disorder
  • Stress due to confinement for indoor cats
  • Obsessive Compulsive behaviors may be reinforced by the guardian

When you notice any obsessive compulsive disorder in your cat. I would consult with your vet.

Anxiety-The Anxious Cat

Anyone who experiences anxiety knows how debilitating it can be. Cats can also experience this debilitating anxiety. Anxiety in cats can cause some behavioral issues such as; hide more than normal, avoid using the litter box, vomit or grooms excessively.Unusual Cat Behavior

Some of the causes for anxiety are:

  • Changes in environment
  • Moving to a new home
  • separation from their guardian
  • Unusual activity on property

If you feel your cat has anxiety. I would consult your vet. Your vet might prescribe anti anxiety medication for your cat.

Why Does My Cat’s Jaw Chatter?

If you notice that your cat’s jaw chatters. The reason for this chattering can be due to dental issues or problems. I would consult with your vet, to see how this issue can be resolved.


This article explained some of the cat behavior patterns that can occur in your cat. If you notice any  behavior patterns  in your cat, you might now no the causes or reasons why. Some cat behavior is normal and there might be also abnormal cat behavior.

You can always consult with your vet if your cat displays abnormal behaviors.

If you have any questions or comments. Please respond below. I will be more than happy to assist you.





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