Can Cats Drink Distilled Water? Is it Safe [Explained]

Can Cats Drink Distilled Water
Distilled water is literally the purest drink out there for us to drink. It’s simply water boiled and condensed, leaving behind all impurities, minerals, salts, and additives. You may be wondering if distilled water is fit for your kitty.

According to many experts, distilled water has an inappropriate pH value for felines and its electrolytes and minerals have been removed, so it cannot be recommended for cats/pets. Generally, cats prefer purified, spring, and tap water, and there are ways to increase their water consumption apart from trying new types of water. Continue reading to learn more!

Is Distilled Water Good For Cats

Is Distilled Water Good For Cats? / Should Cats Drink Distilled Water?

No, cats won’t benefit from it.

Distilled water is made commercially by boiling water into the steam state, then collecting the steam and condensing it (hence the name distilled). Because minerals and impurities have a very high boiling point (over 100 degrees Celsius), they are left behind, leaving literally just water. Due to the absence of dissolved particles that are positively or negatively charged, distilled water cannot conduct electricity. It has an acidic pH. This is why it is not suitable for your cat.

Your pet’s body is alkaline overall, and distilled water can mess with its system. It sucks out sodium and potassium from your feline’s gut, which is vital for nerve conduction. Additionally, it drops the pH of urine, precipitating crystalline stones in your furry friend’s urinary system, which causes a lot of pain and many visits to the vet.

Will Distilled Water Hurt My Cat?

Will Distilled Water Hurt My Cat

Distilled water is not ideal for cats.

If there is no other choice, you can give your cat distilled water once, as it is better than dehydration. It is especially okay if your cat also has access to regular tap water and drinks out of both distilled and tap water, as they will get the minerals they need.

However, the story is different if your pet is drinking solely distilled water. They will develop hypokalemia (low potassium levels), and hyponatremia (low sodium levels) as the water will pull out essential electrolytes from your feline’s blood. To add a cherry on top, removing minerals from the water makes it acidic. Cat’s bodies are generally alkaline, and their intake should be as such. Distilled water can cause urolithiasis (kidney stones) which is a very painful condition in both humans and cats.

Basically, water that we drink as humans is safe for our pets and can be given to them with no concerns. There is no need to go out of the way to arrange distilled water for your feline.

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 Is Cat Water The Same As Distilled Water?

Is Cat Water The Same As Distilled Water

No, they are not the same thing.

Cat Water is purified by ozonation, which means it does not have chlorine present. It contains some minerals. However, its pH is mildly acidic, close to what cats need and enjoy. (6.2 to 6.4). The pH of distilled water is 5.4, which is essentially too acidic for cats. Additionally, it contains no minerals and is not suitable for feline consumption.

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Distilled Water For Cats With Urinary Issues

Distilled water should not be used for cats with urinary issues as it will only further exacerbate their symptoms and make them sicker by sucking essential minerals out of your feline’s system.

Is Distilled Water Good For Cats With Crystals?

Never use distilled water for cats suffering from urolithiasis. Cats suffering from crystals need to be given only cat water so that their crystals do not grow and they do not develop worse symptoms.

What kind of Water is Best for Your Pet?

What kind of Water is Best for Your Pet

You don’t need to arrange commercially available expensive water for your cat. Filtered water that has gone through reverse osmosis is ideal for your kitty. If you drink tap water, that is also perfect for your furry friend. However, never give your cat distilled water as its pH is too low and can make your pet very sick.

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What kind of Water Should a Cat Drink?

The best types of water for cats are spring purified, and tap water.

Filtered water that has gone through the reverse osmosis process is excellent for your feline friend. Tap water, if drinkable for you, is also good enough for your cat. Unless your cat has urinary problems or refuses to drink water, there is no need to go to great lengths to provide special water. There is no need to go out of the way to arrange expensive water for your cat unless they have urinary issues or do not drink water. In this case, commercially available CatWater can be tried.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cats should not consume distilled water. Only in case of an emergency or once in a while is distilled water okay for cats. It should not be incorporated as their sole source of hydration as it will strip their body of potassium and sodium.

The Bottom Line on Can Cats Drink Distilled Water

Distilled water, while considered the pure choice, is not okay for your pet as it sucks the minerals out of your feline and can precipitate kidney stones as well as cause other urinary issues. Tap water is acceptable for your kitty as it provides adequate hydration and keeps your furry friend healthy.

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