Can Cats Drink Oat Milk? Discovering if Oat Milk is Safe for Cats

Every day you make cereals with Oat milk for your morning meal. At that moment your adorable cat has the ideal chance to enjoy its first snack of the morning.  The Oat milk in your dish is the focus of attention for cats and she may try to lick it. This situation will be confusing for you and you may ask yourself “Can cats drink oat milk? Is it safe for them?”

Yes, cats can easily enjoy oat milk occasionally as a treat. This is because Oat milk contains low calories and sugar content. But that doesn’t prove that oat milk is advantageous for cats. While oat milk might be somewhat hydrating for your cats but they can’t enjoy its nutritional content. Moreover, the oat content of this milk might disturb your cats’ stomachs.

Oat milk doesn’t give the nutrient benefit that cats require, although consuming it wouldn’t cause any major problems. So now, you might become anxious to balance the benefits and drawbacks of the foods your cat eats. Don’t worry, in today’s article I’m going to disclose all information regarding feeding oat milk to cats; whether it’s a healthier snack for them or not, the best brands of cats’ oat milk, and much more!

Can Cats Have Oat Milk

Can Cats Have Oat Milk? Is Oat Milk Safe for Cats?

Oat milk is usually okay for your feline to consume but in less quantity. Also, compared to regular cow’s milk, it is milder to your cat’s intestinal and gastrointestinal systems.

However, Oat milk isn’t particularly nourishing for cats, but if your feline friend becomes fond of it, you must not be afraid. As you know fish and poultry, which are both excellent sources of protein, should make up the majority of a cat’s nutrition, so cow’s milk is not advised for our furry pals. Therefore, a cat who consumes too much milk may vomit, experience extreme stomach pain, and develop diarrhoea.

In addition, oat milk isn’t a crucial ingredient of your cats’ diet and provides them with no nutritional value. So, it is best to avoid giving it to them frequently.

If you’re planning to feed your cat a small amount of oat milk like a reward occasionally, opt for more organic, less-processed varieties.

But in excess quantity oat milk isn’t safe to consume for cats because oats are strong in fiber and carbs, making them challenging for cats to absorb.  Oats are also lacking in important elements like protein, which cats require.

However, if your cat ingests particular kinds of oat milk, it might upset its stomach due to additional sugar and other additives like carrageenan, carbs, fibers, proteins, or added sugars.

Oat milk is accessible in grocery stores as well as retail establishments and it is recommended to choose the minimally processed varieties.

The majority of the nutrients in a cat’s meal must be organic, therefore severely packaged oat milk may have a comparable effect as regular milk.

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Can Kittens Drink Oat Milk?

Kittens should not be given oat milk or any other plant-based milk as their primary source of nutrition. The best nutrition for kittens is their mother’s milk, or if that’s not possible, a specially formulated kitten milk replacer that meets their nutritional needs.

While oat milk may not be toxic to kittens, it is not nutritionally balanced for their growing bodies and can lead to malnutrition if given as a primary source of nutrition.

If you have any concerns about your kitten’s diet or health, it’s best to consult with a veterinarian.

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Is Oat Milk Healthy for Cats?

Although your kitty friend appears to love the Oat milk, that doesn’t mean that the intake is beneficial. The majority of cats are allergic to milk and cannot consume it.

Is Oat Milk Healthy for Cats

No matter how excellent the Oat milk is, it doesn’t provide your cat with the essential nutrients it needs to grow. Moreover, it may decrease the hunger of your furry pal.

Because cats have sensitive stomachs, moist foods are usually the best option. Oat milk might seem suitable and healthier but it can’t provide essential nutrients to cats.

Also, you know that Oat milk is made with oats and most cats are allergic to grains. So, if your cat is allergic to grains and consumed Oat milk in excess amounts of oat milk it’ll harm her and may disturb her digestive system.

Hence oat milk is healthier in moderation, but in excess, it would be fatal.

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Nutritional Value Oat Milk Contains?

An organic and plant-based milk substitute is oat milk. It is prepared by draining the moisture from oats, which includes a process of soaking, mashing, and squeezing to get a frothy liquid which is known as oat milk!

Even though it doesn’t completely satisfy the dietary needs of your cat, still, Oat milk provides several minerals and vitamins which may be helpful for your cats.  Below, we’ll discuss a few of these:

Nutritional Value Oat Milk

1. Potassium

Potassium is a crucial mineral that supports good blood circulation in cats. Your cat may feel lethargic and sick when its potassium levels are reduced.

Also, potassium helps to maintain proper muscle strength. Your cat will experience uncomfortable muscular cramps when it fails to consume sufficient potassium.

2. Iron

The entire development of your cats depends on iron, which is present in both lactose-free milk for adults and oat milk for kittens.

The iron in your felines’ diet breaks when they consume oat milk, supplying oxygen to their internal organs for optimum growth and performance.

Also, if this mineral isn’t present, your cat’s immunity will deteriorate. Due to this, many cats frequently get sick.

3. Calcium

Calcium is necessary for cats to maintain bone growth and prevent cracks. Your cats require the power the vitamin provides to twirl around because they are rather lightweight on their paws.

4. Vitamin A

The Vitamin A in Oat milk gets all of the credit. The vitamin will guarantee both clear eyesight and flawless skin. 

It might be preferable if you considered the possibility that your cats’ night vision may be caused by a shortage of vitamin-rich wet cat’ treats.

5. Vitamin D

Your cat requires an additional source of vitamin D in its food, just like we do. This vitamin is one of the crucial nutrients for the entire development of the cat’s physical makeup. Even your cat’s bones are protected from malformations by it.

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Should You Consider Oat Milk over Regular Milk? Oat Milk Vs Regular milk

Most cat owners want to know if oat milk is superior to ordinary milk for felines. This question does not have a straightforward yes or no response. While oat milk may offer some advantages over ordinary milk, there are also a few disadvantages.

Oat Milk Vs Regular milk

Now, you may be asking yourself why you’d ever consider an alternative when milk is so widely available. Before making any assumptions, let’s compare oat milk to conventional dairy milk.

According to Medicalnewstoday: The table below presents a comparison of the nutritional values per 240 millilitres (ml) or approximately one cup of almond, cow, hemp, oat, and soy milk in grams (g), milligrams (mg), or international units (IU):

NutrientAlmond MilkCow’s Milk (Whole)Hemp MilkOat MilkSoy Milk
Protein1.01 g9 g3 g4.01 g6.0 g
Total Fat2.50 g10.99 g4.51 g2.50 g3.5 g
Sugars0 g31.01 g0 g19.01 g9.0 g
Calcium451 mg300 mg283 mg350 mg451 mg
Vitamin D101 IU0 IU0 IU101 IU120 IU
Oat Milk Vs Other Milk Comparision Table

Oat Milk

Oat milk is lactose-free milk derived from plants. You will not find a lot of sugar in packaged oat milk because it is plant-based. Lactose-free oat milk is preferable to regular milk for cats as far it’s used moderately. Oat milk shouldn’t be a staple in your cat’s menu, so use it sparingly.

On the other hand, Oat milk does have a few disadvantages. Because it contains more carbohydrates than ordinary milk, giving cats excessive amounts can make them put on weight.

Oat milk also has trace amounts of gluten, which may prove dangerous for cats that have grain intolerance or gluten intolerance.

Conventional Milk

Sheep or cows produce the milk that is frequently found in markets. You can still enjoy the advantages of essential proteins whether you purchase pasteurized milk or buffalo milk.

Both variants, however, contain a lot of sugar. Even compared to oat milk, conventional cow’s milk has a greater percentage of fat.

Normally, you probably wouldn’t notice any issues if the cat consumes it randomly. But as time passes, your cat may face gastrointestinal issues due to the high fat and sugar content of regular milk.

Since you’re aware of all the options available you can easily select the milk that is best for your cat’s health now.  It’s recommended to avoid conventional milk products when your cat is allergic to dairy.

However, if your cat has a gluten allergy or has trouble gaining weight, you might want to remain with conventional milk which is lactose-free.

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What Are the Best Options in Cat Oat Milk?

Your cats will become thrilled at the look of a milky mixture of their desire. Because of this, oat milk is the most secure option for supplying vital nutrients and satisfying their desire.

Your cats can still discover something that will suit their palates despite the market’s wide variety of milk products. So, here are some best choices of Oat milk for your feline princess or prince.

What Are the Best Options in Cat Oat Milk

Oat Vanilla Milk

Vanilla oat milk ranks among the most popular solutions for milk-loving cats and is ideal for lactate-intolerant cats.

Now that your cats’ dietary needs and weight management are under control, you can allow your feline to consume milk.

The Oat milk marketplace boasts about the vanilla flavour for your felines, which is prepared with whole grain. But you can’t feed this Oat milk freely to your cat, so moderation is crucial.

Oat Milk Prepared at Home

Oat milk that has been highly processed can deplete your cat’s nutrition of essential nutrients. You have no way of knowing what chemicals in commercialized oat milk can be harmful to your cat. Alternatively, you can create your favourite friend’s oat milk at your home.

You can easily give your cat milk as a reward or moderate amounts of nutrients as quickly as you prepare them.

What Symptoms Show That Oat Milk Hurt Your Cats?

Oat milk is sometimes given to cats as a reward, although not all cats will tolerate it effectively. It’s advised to stop providing oat milk to your feline and call your veterinarian if you observe any of the following signs in cats.

What Symptoms Show That Oat Milk Hurt Your Cats


The most prevalent signs of oat milk sensitivity are diarrhea. The best course of action is to cease providing your feline oat milk if they get a watery stool or diarrhea after consuming it.


Lethargic activity and abnormal vomiting are clear indications that your friend is ill. If you just began giving your feline oat milk, you should take a break and take it to the veterinarian.


If your cat appears to lose energy and becomes sluggish after consuming oat milk, it might be an indication of sensitivity. Stop providing your cat oat milk when you observe this sign, and talk to your veterinarian.

Weight Loss

Oat milk hypersensitivity may be the cause of your cat’s weight loss or apparent lack of gaining weight even when it is consumed regularly. See your veterinarian and stop providing your feline oat milk if you detect this sign.

These are only a few of the signs that your cat might not be able to drink oat milk effectively.

How Much is Oat Milk Healthy for Your Cat?

Two teaspoons of oat milk are enough for cats. Oat milk shouldn’t be given to smaller cats or kittens since it might be quite uncomfortable for them.

The glucose in milk, lactose, can’t be effectively digested by most cats because they are allergic to milk. Although it’s not cow’s milk, still, oat milk can upset a cat’s stomach.

As a result, it is not advised to feed your cat oat milk or any different type of non-animal milk in bulk amounts.

How Much is Oat Milk Healthy for Your Cat

How Often Can You Give Oat Milk to Your Cats?

You shouldn’t prefer to feed your feline oat milk because cats can’t tolerate grains efficiently. Several vets will advise you not to feed oat milk to your feline regularly.

It won’t probably be very detrimental if they sip a little oat milk from a cereal bowl. But, regular feeding oat milk will undoubtedly harm their health.

Also, a small portion now and again suffices to preserve your cat’s interest in the meal.

What Can Cats Drink Instead of Regular Milk?

Although milk is bad for cats, there are different options to ensure that they get the right amount of liquids in their diet.


Water is your feline’s life’s essence since it improves body heat and encourages normal body functions. Water aids in lubricating tissues, removing waste, and reducing exhaustion.

It’s possible that your cat isn’t keen on drinking enough water. To make your cat drink plenty of water, you can set out numerous containers with a fresh batch. Wet foods are an excellent option as well for hydrating your cat’s body.


This is a great option if you’re looking for adding more flavour or boost your cat’s defence. The meal might convince your cat to take important nutritional supplements because of their numerous health advantages.

The specialists even suggest broth consumption to improve the cartilage and joint health of your cats. You may even incorporate it into your cat’s weight maintenance plan.

Tuna Juice with less salt

Low-salt tuna juice will serve as an additional source of water for cats as well as a small reward for excellent behaviour.

The amount of salt in the tuna you’re providing must be considered, though. It can alter your cat’s mood and hunger in addition to its general health.

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Frequently Asked Question

Why does my cat like oat milk?

Not all cats like oat milk. However, this might be a tasty treat for some cats. It all depends on your cats’ preferences and needs.

What Drinks Should Cats Never Consume?

Cats can’t drink alcohol, coffee, or sugar drinks. All these drinks may cause severe poisoning and diabetes. It can also increase your cats’ heart rate, and even be fatal for them.

Can oat milk replace my cat’s water?

Never substitute oat milk for water when giving your cat. A cat needs water to be hydrated, therefore if it only consumes milk, it will be more likely to become dehydrated. Although oat milk can hydrate, not to the same extent as water is required. Oat milk shouldn’t be your cat’s major source of hydration because it has more calories than water.

Is oat milk lactose-free?

Yes, oat milk is lactose-free. Still, our cat can’t consume oat milk in bulk quantities as it may risk your cat’s digestive tract because it can’t process oats.

Can cats have almond milk?

Almond milk is a plant-based drink and is an excellent supply of calcium, vitamin E, and energy. When used in moderation, almond milk is healthy for cats. It shouldn’t be utilized as a single source of sustenance, either, as it lacks some of the Vitamins cats require to remain fit.

Can You Give Oat Milk to Kittens?

Oat milk should never be given to a breastfeeding kitten. This may shorten the cat’s lifespan and result in gastric issues because its stomach is sensitive and can’t handle the high carbohydrate and fat content of oats.

Can Cats Have Chocolate Oat Milk?

For cats, Choco oat milk must always be prohibited because your cats’ digestive tract can’t handle chocolate along with oats.

Wrap Up

Cats are not allergic to oat milk; therefore, it won’t harm your feline. It shouldn’t serve as your cat’s go-to treat, though. Oat milk has several advantages over conventional milk products, including being simpler to absorb and containing more minerals including vitamins D and A.

But feed your cat a tiny bit of oat milk first to observe how it responds. Bloating and stomach ache might result from consuming oat milk in excess.

Don’t feed your cat cow’s milk as it contains more sugar and fat contents. Also, you can try more flavours of oat milk and the recommended cats’ drink.

Keep an eye on your cat after feeding her oat milk, if he exhibits any negative side effects quit giving them oat milk.

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