Can Cats Eat Hot Cheetos? What You Need to Know

Most children and even grownups enjoy eating hot Cheetos as a treat. It is therefore not strange that all these treats are found in all kitchens.  During the weekend, hot Cheetos are popular snacks for chilling with movies. While you’re busy watching a movie, you may have noticed your feline sneaking a piece of hot Cheetos. You might be wondering at this point if spicy Cheetos are a healthy snack for them. “Can Cats Eat Hot Cheetos”

Technically Yes, your feline can consume some hot Cheetos, but they can’t consume them in bulk. As you know it’s a type of junk food and it also contains excess salt, seasonings, and carbohydrates. So, feeding them hot Cheetos regularly will affect your feline’s health and might be toxic for them.

So, did your feline eat lots of hot Cheetos, and are you concerned that your feline will get sick? You’ve arrived at the right spot if that’s the case. If your feline consumes something it won’t, we know it can be frightening. So, in this article, I’ve covered up hot Cheetos hazards for cats, why felines like it, what to do if they consume it, and much more!

Can Cats Have Hot Cheetos

Can Cats Have Hot Cheetos?

Technically speaking Yes cats can have hot Cheetos in small amounts as a treat, but it’s not recommended, they are not suitable food for cats.

While cats are carnivores and can eat a variety of meats, their digestive systems are not designed to handle spicy, processed, or high-sodium foods like Hot Cheetos.

Do Cats Hate Hot Cheetos?

Yes, it might be possible that felines will hate hot Cheetos due to a number of reasons. For example, Cheetos are extremely chilli for felines, which can lead to gastrointestinal problems and even burns their intestinal system.

So, if they accidentally eat more than one Cheetos, they’ll run to drink water because their tongue will start burning. Also, this snack includes both garlic and onion, which are poisonous to felines.

Last but not least, Cheetos are unhealthy for felines because of their excessive saltiness and fat content.

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Can Hot Cheetos Kill My Cat?

Cheetos can’t kill felines. But you can occasionally serve it to your felines in moderation as a snack. Although hot Cheetos won’t make your feline ill or die right away, it might have long-term consequences for your feline.

Can Hot Cheetos Kill My Cat

Cats consume a variety of foods that they really shouldn’t, including insects, wildflowers, and the food item they dragged out beneath the oven. Your cat may feel under the weather for an entire day or just a few weeks, but they typically recover completely. A cat eating a Hot Cheeto can be compared to it.

A feline that consumes a Hot Cheeto sometimes generally won’t experience any acute effects. But you must start to be concerned regarding your feline dying from consuming Hot Cheetos if it starts to consume them regularly.

The reason is that hot Cheetos contains excess salts and many other harmful ingredients that will disturb your felines’ intestines and they’ll become ill.

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Why Do Cats Like to Eat Hot Cheetos?

Cats enjoy the crispiness of burning hot Cheetos, which they also find appealing due to their colour and smell. Cats adore dairy items, and Cheetos include both cheddar and milk.

They draw cats because of the seasonings in them.  Moreover, as you know felines are carnivores, they require meat-based foods.

They are most likely drawn to Cheetos simply as it’s the sole option they can bring change to their normal dietary habits and add up some tasty. 

Your cat appears to be attracted to hot Cheetos as well because they have observed you eating them frequently and are eager to try them.

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Why You Should Not Feed Hot Cheetos to Cats? Why are Hot Cheetos Bad for Cats?

Hot Cheetos are unhealthy because of their higher fat and carbs content and lower nutritive quality. You shouldn’t allow your feline to consume Cheetos due to the following reasons:

Why You Should Not Feed Hot Cheetos to Cats

Zero Nutritional Benefits

Cheetos are completely nutritionally worthless for both us and felines. Since cats are unable to digest all their ingredients, it is, therefore, more useless for them.

Chilli pepper is used in Hot Cheetos to give them a fiery flavour. The pepper includes capsaicin, which is toxic to your animal companions. Giving your feline chilli food will enhance the likelihood of stomach and other health issues.

These Hot Cheetos include other hazardous chemicals in addition to capsaicin. Below is the list of potentially dangerous ingredients that are utilized for making Hot Cheetos:

  • Improved cornmeal
  • Garlic powder
  • Clove powder
  • Protein from denatured corn
  • Milk
  • Yeast
  • Artificial colouring

High-fat Ratio

Vegetable oil is used for deep-frying hot Cheetos, which is bad for felines. Hot Cheetos cause fat to be accumulated in the cat’s body if it consumes them frequently. Vegetable oil is not utilized by cats’ bodies because they cannot digest it.

Although a few of the pieces are eliminated in the excretion, a sizeable portion is preserved inside. Hot Cheetos are therefore not the best snack for a cat.


Potatoes, which are a major source of carbs, are the basis of Cheetos. Carbohydrates aren’t a necessary part of the felines’ diet for cats. Their stomach isn’t made to digest carbohydrates because they obtain most of their nutrition from meat, hence the majority of their nutrition must consist primarily of fatty foods and proteins.

Above a small fraction, carbohydrates don’t really do anything for cats other than accumulate fat. Their metabolisms cannot handle such high carbohydrate intake. Normal cat food contains approximately as many carbohydrates as a cat needs to keep fit, and beyond a limit is harmful.


The spice blend in Hot Cheetos contains a large salt content. The health of a cat is severely harmed by excessive salt. The cat may experience salt toxicity if it consumes a lot of Cheetos.  42 mg of salt per day is actually the absolute maximum that cats should not consume.

However, 28g of Hot Cheetos contains 250mg of salt which is around 6X than normal felines requirement. Thus, they may get salt poisoning.

High Calorie

If felines consume Hot Cheetos as a snack they will consume an excessive number of calories. A packet of Cheetos may not significantly impair your body, but it is not acceptable for the cat. Typically, a 28g pack of Hot Cheetos has about 170 calories which leads to weight gain.

Artificial additives

Hot Cheetos contain several artificial additives, such as artificial colors and flavors, that can be harmful to cats. Cats are sensitive to certain chemicals and additives, and consuming these substances can lead to allergic reactions or other health problems.

How Many Hot Cheetos Are Safe for My Cat to Eat?

If your cat consumes a few extra hot Cheetos than normal, don’t get nervous.  Consuming an excessive amount of Hot Cheetos may increase your cat’s hunger and make him consume a greater quantity than required.

How Many Hot Cheetos Are Safe for My Cat to Eat

Hot Cheetos aren’t healthy for cats to consume, but some of them like to. If you want your feline to keep healthy, you have to restrict their Hot Cheetos intake. It wouldn’t be an issue if your feline licked 2 or 3 Cheeto pieces.

It is preferable to give your cats 2 or 3 Cheeto pieces either once or two times per month. It is advisable to feed your feline a limited amount of Cheetos if they first start eating them. Afterwards, watch your feline for the following 24 hours to look for any signs of toxicity.

What Happens If My Cat Eats Cheetos?

If your cat eats Cheetos he won’t get anything serious. Cats can eat them in tiny amounts because they are not poisonous, but still, it isn’t healthy for them. But if your cat got the entire packet of Hot Cheetos and eats it at once, then the following issues may happen:

  • After eating Hot Cheetos, the excess salt in it will make felines’ bodies thirstier and cause them more litter box issues.
  • Your feline can’t digest carbohydrates so if the Cheeto stays in her intestines, it’ll result in uncomfortable cramping and sometimes even constipation.
  • Just a certain amount of carbohydrates can be digested by cats. Moreover, Cheetos are not healthy for diabetic cats. The signs of feline hyperglycemia tend to worsen when there are too many carbohydrates present.
  • It contains excess calories which makes them overweight.
  • There is a considerable risk of cat diabetes, heart problems, and even osteoarthritis because of the increased body fat.
  • When Hot Cheetos are consumed in high quantities, ginger, and onions can make cats anaemic.
  • Hot Cheetos intake in bulk will irritate your felines’ stomachs and may cause discomfort due to the extra spice.

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Symptoms of Hot Cheeto Ingestion in Cats

If your cat eats Hot Cheetos in excess then due to its harmful ingredients’ felines may get the following symptoms:

  • Dysentery
  • Repeated vomiting
  • Stomach swelling
  • Thirsty
  • Sluggish and inactive
  • Tremors
  • Reduced appetite
  • A lot of urinating
  • Ineffective coordination

What Should You Do If Your Cat Eats Too Much Hot Cheetos?

Most of the time, nothing needs to be done if your feline consumes hot Cheetos. But if your cat consumes more than half a packet of Hot Cheetos he may feel like his tongue is on fire, then you can do the following things:

What Should You Do If Your Cat Eats Too Much Hot Cheetos
  • If your feline friend happens to consume an excessive amount of Hot Cheetos, it is recommended to provide them with cool water. Water is more effective in mitigating the spiciness and heat of hot Cheetos as compared to other substances.
  • Ensure they are available to plenty of drinking water because chilli heat dehydrates your cat. So, providing them access to water for at least 24 hours.
  • Keep an eye on your felines for the above symptoms and if they show any bring them to the vet.

Treatment for Cats that Have Eaten Hot Cheetos

Your feline must visit a vet if she begins to vomit and have constant diarrhoea. This is because persistent vomiting and diarrhoea can induce dehydration, which may be harmful to your feline. To relieve your cat’s signs, including severe diarrhoea, the veterinarian has drugs that can be administered.

Also, it’s probable that your pet will need an IV to receive fluids and be given a prescription for any additional symptoms that could develop. But, if your feline simply tasted a Cheeto or consumed a few pieces of hot Cheetos, she would be fine.

Should I call the Vet if Cat Ate Hot Cheetos?

It is recommended to get in touch with your veterinarian as quickly as feasible if your feline ate Hot Cheetos. However, if your feline eats it in small quantities it might not be harmful, but in excess amounts, the oiliness and spiciness of Hot Cheetos will make your cats throw up, have diarrhoea, and get dehydrated.

Moreover, several of the chemicals in Hot Cheetos, like shallot and garlic, will be hazardous to felines. Your cat’s health can be examined by your vet, who can also give the appropriate care if required.

If you are doubtful about how much your feline has eaten the Hot Cheetos, then it’s advised to take the extra step of safety and get veterinary assistance.

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Alternatives to Hot Cheetos

Instead of hot Cheetos, your feline may prefer safer substitutes. Cats are our furry friends who may not fully habitual to eating human cuisine. So, it’s better for your cats to stay away from foods with higher nutrition or salt content. It can cause greater issues with their physical growth.

Alternatives to Hot Cheetos

There are many other healthier options available if your feline insists you feed them human food: 

  • Boil eggs
  • Hamburger
  • Cooked fish

Don’t start feeding your feline a lot of Hot Cheetos, as alluring as it may be. Even though your cat is insisting you give them Hot Cheetos, the salt and fat concentration in it isn’t good for them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are cheetos toxic to cats?

Even though Cheetos don’t exactly cause cat sickness, they are nevertheless a junk meal that provides neither cats nor humans with many nutritional advantages. If consumed frequently, Cheetos’ excessive salt, calories, and fat content will result in weight gain.

Why do cats like Flamin hot Cheetos?

Flamin’ Hot Cheeto may appeal to felines due to its salted, crunchy feel. It might be possible that your feline is attracted by the fragrance or flavour, yet it’s not advisable to give felines human salty snacks as they may cause gastrointestinal discomfort and prolonged health problems.

Can cats have hot Cheeto Puffs?

Hot Cheetos puffs shouldn’t be given to cats as it doesn’t offer any nutritional value and contains large amounts of salt, carbs, and artificial flavours. Cats who consume excessive salt or artificial tastes may experience intestinal discomfort, thirst, and even salt toxicity.

How much salt is safe for cats?

To regulate the salt balance in your felines’ bodies, cats need only a very small quantity of salt in their meals. Adult cats typically need between 21 and 42 mg of salt per pound of their body weight each day. Thus, a 10-pound cat shouldn’t ingest more sodium than 210–420 mg daily. But, cats with specific medical issues, like renal or heart illness, might need to eat less sodium.

Can my cat get salt poisoning?

Yes, cats can have hypernatremia, or salt toxicity, if they eat excess salt beyond its requirement. Cats require salt as nutrition, yet only in minute quantities. A feline’s body’s electrolytic balance can be upset if they consume too much salt, which can lead to discomfort, extreme thirst, nausea, diarrhoea, convulsions, and, in extreme circumstances, unconsciousness or death.

Can cats eat other types of chips?

Like Hot Cheetos, other types of chips are not suitable food for cats. Chips are typically high in sodium and unhealthy ingredients, and they offer little nutritional value to your feline friend. If you want to treat your cat, consider offering them a small amount of cooked meat or a specially formulated cat treat instead.

Can cats eat cheese-flavored snacks?

Cats can eat cheese in small amounts, but cheese-flavored snacks are not a healthy option for them. Cheese-flavored snacks, like Hot Cheetos, are high in fat, salt, and artificial additives, all of which can lead to digestive problems, obesity, and other health issues in cats. Additionally, many cats are lactose intolerant, which means that they can’t digest dairy products like cheese properly


In conclusion, your felines can consume Hot Cheetos, but in moderation. Though they don’t have any nutritional value and consuming excessive amounts of Cheetos can have negative health effects and shorten your cat’s life.

Hot Cheetos should be avoided because of their high capsaicin content. In addition, your furry buddies frequently have trouble digesting spicy foods. Finally, we want to make the point that Hot Cheetos have an excess ratio of salt and fats that impose negative impacts on your cat.

You can try any other alternative treats for your felines that might be healthy for them as a treat.

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