Can Cats Kill Each Other? What You Need To Know

Being a cat owner, it’s very common to see your cats fighting with each other, but in some cases, the anger can get out of control. However, they’re aware of how to defend themselves and what are the outcomes of combat. Still, a major query about this issue remains that terrifies some cat owners: Can Cats Kill Each Other When Fighting?

Cats don’t actually kill each other. They barely do fights, and if they do, the fight results in death or serious injury. When cats get aggressive, they can’t control their anger and are more prone to injure other cats fatally. Feral cats are more aggressive and competitive than other domestic cats; even a small competition will result in a serious fight.

To learn more about aggressive cat behaviours, what to do when a fight occurs, and how to prevent your feline pals from it, continue reading this article. In this post, I will address a few queries that may help you know much more about your cat’s fights and how to help them. So, let’s delve into the details without wasting a second:

Is It Rare for Cats to Kill Each Other

Is It Rare for Cats to Kill Each Other?

Cats rarely kill each other. Partner cats are less prone to engage in conflict. Some tension between cats results in a hissing, growling, and other behaviours, signs which show that the cats are about to fight or scare each other.

Cats use their teeth or pointed claws and are always ready for the fight if conflict begins. However, a cat never intentionally injures another animal to death.

But street cats are more prone to this behaviour because they’re independent, unfamiliar with affection, and dependent on animal instincts. Domestic cats won’t go so far as to injure another cat because they’re used to it.

Reasons Why Do Cats Kill Each Other

Do Cats Kill Each Other

Cats rarely kill each other without any reason, as we’ve already explained. Cat’s aggressive behaviours are inherent to cats’ unexpected and clever natures, yet, each cat will behave differently. Here are 6 reasons why cats may kill another cat.

  • Cats love to play, and sometimes while playing aggressively over the same toy, a conflict may begin that results in a fight. Rescued or street cats have a specific defence mechanism; when they play with domestic cats, they can’t control their habits and become aggressive.
  • Cats always want human preference, and when other cat tries to take their territory, they may harm them, resulting in serious injuries and even sometimes death.
  • Predatory behaviour is part of an animal’s nature. During preying on smaller animals, they may harm other cats. This behaviour is most likely in street cats and may result in severe injuries.
  • If a stray cat gets into your house, your domestic cat may attack it. But as you know, stray cats are more aggressive and powerful. They can injure and even kill your domestic cats.
  • When a cat gets scared and feels threatened, they attack to protect themselves. The more a cat is scared, the more aggressively it will fight; injuries may result in death.
  • The mother cat may defend their babies from other cats, but it may not result in killing them.

Will a Feral Cat Kill a Domestic Cat?

Will a Feral Cat Kill a Domestic Cat

Feral cats are local street cats; they’re wild and act more violently than domestic cats. Feral cats possess distinctive intelligence; they’re smart, know how and where to prey, and know what and when to avoid. 

So, if your domestic cat ever fights with a feral cat for food or something else, it’ll attack her and possibly kill your cat.

Will a Domestic Cat kill Another Domestic Cat?

Will a Domestic Cat kill Another Domestic Cat

No, domestic cats rarely kill another cat. Because they’re trained cats and are brought up with love and affection, they can only growl or hiss on another domestic cat, even if they claw each other, which may result in few injuries. However, if some other domestic cat tries to take their territory, food, or favourite toy, they may get extremely aggressive and may kill another domestic cat.

Can Cats Kill Each Other When Fighting?

Both domestic and feral cats hardly kill another cat when fighting. Cats do more hissing, growling, and posing than actual violent fights.

If cats ever get into a physical fight, the injuries they receive may cause death if left untreated because cats’ claws contain harmful bacteria that cause infection on an untreated wound and may result in death.

 However, rather than domestic cats, feral or stray cats are more likely to get to the death point as they don’t have owners to care about their health and well-being.

Do Cats Kill Other Cats Kittens?

Do Cats Kill Other Cats Kittens

In most cases, cats rarely kill other cats and their own kittens, but sometimes males may get jealous of the female when she gives all her care to them. In this case, male cats may kill their own kittens because of jealousy.

Also, female cats can kill their own young when they play harshly with them. Moreover, when a kitten gets sick, the mama cat may kill her due to its sickness.

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Should I Intervene When My Cats Fight – If Cats Are Fighting, How Can You Stop It?           

If Cats Are Fighting, How Can You Stop It

Never let your cats keep fighting each other. Because once it’s started, it can be easily intensified, and your cats may get hurt badly. Whenever you see your cats fighting, step in and protect them from severe attacks.

Domestic cats rarely fight, although they may get jealous of each other. But they usually get used to each other if you teach them and may even get closer.

Most of you might be thinking at this moment, if we intervene between them, how can I prevent cats from fighting? So, if you ever see your cat fighting with the neighbourhood’s cats, make a loud noise; call your cat’s name loudly. You can even clap and show them their favourite food or toys to distract them.

But never separate them with your hands because they can even damage and tear your hands while fighting. Moreover, you may get severe diseases due to the cats’ scratches on your skin.

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How Can I Prevent Cats from Fighting?

How Can I Prevent Cats from Fighting

In this section, I’ll teach you how to prevent your cats from fighting with each other by keeping yourself safe. So, let’s read the following tips:

Give them Some Space

After a fight, cats may get over-aggressive. So, you mustn’t try to pick them up or calm down your cat because they can even harm you in their rage. In this situation, give them some space so that they will calm down on their own. Once they cool down, they’ll return towards you and ask you to pat them.

Separate Food and Playing Resources for Your Cats

If you’ve more than one cat in your home, it’s important to separate their feed, water tanks and litter boxes. In this way, they don’t have to wait for their turn to get their resources; thus, they won’t fight each other. This action will also help to bring your domestic cats closer to each other.

Look for a Spay and Neuter

If your cat continues to show aggressive behaviour, you must consult your vet for its breeding time because most cats may fight due to excessive breeding hormone production. In this case, introducing spaying females or neutering males helps to reduce the cat’s fight.

Spray a Pheromone

Natural pheromones for cats also help to produce positive outcomes for certain cat owners. So, you can purchase pheromone air fresheners that will help you to lower anxiety and increase comfort in your cats.

Give Your Cats Enrichment

You must provide a variety of enrichment alternatives to your cats, such as toys, perches, cabinets, baskets to hide in, and scraping posts. Cats who play with a variety of toys enjoy physical and mental engagement, which is beneficial for their physical well-being.

Give them a Good Behaviour Award

Give your kitties words of encouragement or a gift if you notice them behaving well.

How Do You Punish A Cat for Attacking Another Cat?

How Do You Punish A Cat for Attacking Another Cat

The first and most important point is to find out the reason for the fight and where it starts. Before punishing your cat, visit a veterinarian and discuss any negative behaviours your cat might be having.

Sometimes medication also helps you to manage their aggressiveness against other cats. But never try to physically punish your cat because they’re complex animals and don’t trust anyone easily. If you punish them physically, you’ll ruin your bond with your feline fellow.

The most effective method is a vocal verbal warning, by speaking firmly and refusing. By doing so, you can teach them and assist them in improving their conduct by sticking to your principles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Usually, there won’t be any issues if you bring a neutering male or spraying female into your home. Moreover, if you bring a new cat to your home, some of your cats may get closer to it. But some cats may get jealous and uncomfortable with them.

It’s a risky decision to bring a new cat to your home, especially if it’s an adult cat with a cruel or neglecting history. Moreover, adopting a rescue animal isn’t always a wise choice when you already have a large number of cats in your home.

The Bottom Line on Can Cats Kill Each Other

Whether the cat is domestic or wild, cats are still violent. So, they can easily fight with each other, but that doesn’t mean their fight isn’t uncontrollable. You can’t train your cat not to get into a fight, but still, as a pet owner, it’s your duty to stop them. Because if the conflict between cats becomes violent, they may kill each other.

But always ensure that you take precautions while handling such conflicts, as you can endanger yourself too. Moreover, if your cats get wounds while fighting, must consult your veterinarian and take medications. Also, you must take precautions so that your cats may not fight again in the future.

Last but not the least, always treat your furry fellows with love and affection and try to calm them without punishing or shouting aggressively over them. This will help you to make your bond stronger with them. 

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