Why Does My Cat Reach His Paw Out to Me? [10 Theories Explained]

Cats spread their paws out
Your cat may approach you in a number of different ways, such as lying down or standing and delicately petting your paw. The most obvious justification is, as you might expect, an effort to get your attention. In all honesty, lifting a paw to do this may be the most endearing gesture cats are capable of.

Pay attention to your cat’s general behaviour and body language to determine “why my cat reach his paw out to me?”. However, it could also apply to other circumstances that have nothing to do with you. Here is a comprehensive list of all the possible causes for your cat to extend its paw to you.

Why Does My Cat Reach Its Paw Out to My Face

Why Do Cats Frequently Spread Their Paws Out?

1. Attention Seeking Behaviour

If your cat approaches you and extends a paw, he could be requesting your attention. To ascertain what he wants, pay attention to his body language and any vocalisations he makes. If he seems at ease and is purring, he might want to join you on the sofa and cuddle. Alternatively, if he seems excited, he could be requesting that you take one of his cats.

2. Your Cat is Just Working Out

The most noticeable example is when a cat extends a paw or paws while lying down. If they seem relaxed and fully stretch one or more paws, they are expanding their muscles. This is an indication of a cat that is having fun and is at ease.

3. Kneading Could be a Step Before Reaching for the Paws

Cats who are content will knead with their owners to “create cookies.” Generally speaking, they usually paw at you back and forth while loud purring can be heard. A cat may occasionally just stretch one paw toward you before exploding into full kneading mode.

4. To Play is the Aim

Sometimes, my cat will paw at me in an effort to play. Whether or if your cat does this is entirely up to it. Every cat is different; some would touch you with their paws while others would rather play with their favourite toy.

By tapping your palm, you can quickly determine if your cat is actively attempting to play. A cat won’t extend its paw while playing and keep it there. Instead, it will quickly and amusingly pull it back, appearing to be very alert and active. 

5. They’re about to Move their Paws

Has your cat ever been found baking? This behaviour sometimes referred to as kneading, has been associated with contentment since a kitten. To encourage the flow of milk, kittens softly move their paws in this rhythmic manner on their mother’s stomach. Even after kids cease breastfeeding from their mothers, they often continue to knead throughout adulthood.

6. They Respect You

A cat may be reaching out and touching you in an attempt to become close to you. Similar to how we hold hands when walking down the street with our partner. Or how moms frequently grasp the hands of their young children while they nod off.

7. They are in Pain

Cats frequently only stretch their paws to touch you when they are entirely comfortable. If a cat is wailing and stretching its paws at you, the pain is usually concentrated within its limbs. There are several possible causes for this, with the following being typical ones:

Physical Injury: Outdoor cats who are bold frequently sustain paw and limb injuries. If they stepped on something pointy or got into a cat fight with another cat nearby, they could have harmed themselves.

Feline calicivirus: One condition that might result in hurting limbs is feline calicivirus. Conjunctivitis, congestion and sneezing are symptoms of this virus’s upper respiratory tract infection. However, some strains, particularly in young kittens, can also result in limping and joint discomfort.

8. They Want Something

Other than for love and cuddles, your cat can be begging for your attention because they need something from you. Typically, my cat will point me in one of three directions:

Food bowl: After dinner, he regularly requests more food, and he cunningly puts his paw on me in preparation for my coming after him.

Water bowl: On occasion, my cat tells me where to find her water bowl. Then, when she paws at her water bowl, my cat appears to be pleading for more water.

Litter box: My cat wants me to clean her litter box, and I can tell when she meows loudly after using the litter box. Make sure you go by her instructions, such as doing routine faeces scooping and cleaning.

9. They’re Imitating You

Even though it might seem odd that your cat would imitate you for example my cat meows when I sneeze. Scientists say that this may or may not be true. In one experiment, a pet owner touched a box with her hand or face while in front of her cat. The cat correctly emulated the owner in 81 per cent of the cases by making the necessary contact with the box with a paw or face. So, it is said that cats can imitate our actions and behaviours.

10. They’re Eliminating their Odour

A cat may extend its paw toward you in an effort to claim you with its scent. Cats have scent glands in their cheeks and forehead, this behaviour is more frequently observed in cats along with head butting and rubbing. Cats will leave their scent markings on their owners as a way to build social connections with you and as a sign that they value living in your home.

Why Does My Cat Reach his Paw Toward Me?

Depending on the circumstance and his behaviour, you can usually tell what your cat is trying to say when he extends his paw toward you. Keep in mind that cats commonly do this to show their interest and commitment to you. You should only be worried if your cat extends his paw and acts ill or in pain; in that case, send him to the veterinarian so they can check for wounds or other internal problems.

Why Does My Cat Reach his Paw Toward Me

What Does it Signify When a Cat Paws at You?

Cats who are joyful seem to knead to show their joy. When enjoying pet care or snuggling up for a nap, cats commonly knead. A better option would be for your cat to knead on your lap to show her joy and love before settling down for a pat or nap. A cat that is stressed out might knead to relax.

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes my cat’s claw to touch my face? It can be used by your cat to get your attention, wake you up, or request food. They can be scent-marking you as a sign of their devotion and confidence in you. However, they could be asking for a little secrecy.

The Bottom Line on My Cat Reach His Paw Out to Me

In general, this beautiful behaviour is nothing to be concerned about. Your cat is often only attempting to get your attention. They could want to play, snuggle, or change their food or litter box. You may grin the next time your cat touches your skin with its paws since cats only do this if they are comfortable and safe. 

But be alert for any limb-related injuries or discomfort, including limping or difficulty putting weight on their paws. It’s possible, however unlikely, that your cat is seeking to alleviate their discomfort by stretching out. With only a quick trip to the clinic, they ought to rapidly return to their usual selves.

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