Why Is My Cat Licking My Other Cats Bum? All You Need To Know

It is a blissful lifelong experience to live with a feline. But each cat owner has their share of unpleasant experiences. You aren’t by yourself. Cats licking each other is one of the weird behaviors, particularly in their private areas.

If you own two feline companions, you may observe that they lick private parts of each other’s body, especially the bum. Most cat owners ask if that is normal behaviour. Why is my cat licking my other cats bum?

There isn’t a single explanation for this cat’s strange behaviour, and they usually lick each other’s bum to greet each other. Moreover, they exhibit this behaviour for any reason, including friendliness, a known or unpleasant fragrance, a wish for sexual contact, or much more!

So now you’re aware of cats licking each other bum. But, still, many questions may intrigue you, like what makes them lick their kitten bums or other people? Can they lick private areas? For all of these clarifications, continue to read. In this article, we’ve discussed each of these questions and more arguments in detail. So, let’s delve into these reasons:

Why Do Cats Lick Their Bodies

Why Do Cats Lick Their Bodies?

1. Reflex

Licking is an innate behaviour of cats that is developed when it used to be a kitten.

This licking process begins when the mama cat licks the newborn kitty to clean it and encourage the excretion of faecal material. Additionally, mama cats lick their kitty’s hair to urge her to consume more milk.

2. Grooming

Cats’ body-licking behaviour also shows that they clean their bodies and coats. This way, all the dirt and insects will be removed from the fur and body. They also lick their bodies to make them cool with their saliva; as it dries.

Another reason for this behaviour is that skin-surface glands release chemicals that keep their coat dry.

3. Stress Reduction

Cat also licks itself to release tension; otherwise, anxiety can result in illnesses or loss of hair. If this occurs, you’ve to take your cat to the vet, as there must be some health problem underlying this behaviour that requires quick treatment.

Why Is My Cat Keep Sniffing My Other Cat’s Bum?

If your cat is sniffing other’s cats’ bum, it may look weird to us, but this behaviour is necessary for cats, as it shows the following actions:

Why Is My Cat Keep Sniffing My Other Cat's Bum

1. Grooming Action

When cats are born, they’re deaf and blind, so they depend on their mothers for grooming. Mama cats groom their kittens by licking them while bathing. Moreover, if a kitten’s bum becomes dirty with pee, they sniff it and clean it. Mama cats continue to sniff their kitten’s bum until they become independent.

2. Social Interaction

If you’ve 2 cats, you may have seen that they lick their bums to show their care and interaction with each other. They recognize each other by imprinting their scents on one another. That’s how mama cat and their young ones recognize each other.

3. Greeting Sign

When 2 cats meet each other, they greet by sniffing their specific scent and then licking each other as a sign of “Hello” or “Love”. When cats sniff and lick each other’s butt, they’re trying to recognize each other.

4. Cat is Ready to Mate

Sometimes unneutered males or females also sniff and lick their partner’s bottom to show that they’re ready to mate. They sniff their partner’s bum to sense their mating pheromones to confirm whether he/she is ready to mate or not.

Why Is My Cat Licking My Other Cat’s Bum?

There could be several causes behind your cat’s licking behaviour. They may be trying to assert their authority over another cat, or they might just be showing their love. As felines are extremely clean creatures, they might be trying to wipe their buddy’s bum. If this behaviour of your cat is disturbing you or your other cat, you can train them to stop doing this.

Why Does My Cat Lick My Kitten’s Bum? Cat Licking Kittens Bottom

Usually, mama cats lick their young to cleanse them. Moreover, cats lick their kitten’s buttocks to lubricate the rectum and urinary hole, making it easier for them to urinate and defecate.

Cat Licking Kittens Bottom

After the kittens have done with urination or defecation, mama cats will again lick them to make them clean. But this licking behaviour might be dangerous for mama cats as they’ll consume faeces while cleaning, which may cause diarrhoea.

Why Do Kittens Lick Each Other?

Usually, when kittens lick each other, they show their affection, or it may be a normal grooming action. Siblings’ cats will groom one another for a long time while playing and snuggling very closely.

Moreover, they also lick each other to release their stress and to show hugging or affection signs.

Is It Normal for Cats to Lick Each Other’s Privates?

Most people ask why my male cat licks another male cat’s bum. Is this behaviour normal? Normal licking shows grooming habits for cats. For instance, both male and female cats may lick their private parts after peeing or pooping to clean them. In this case, licking isn’t prolonged and simply eliminates when their private parts are clean.

Is It Normal for Cats to Lick Each Other's Privates

However, if your cat licks her private parts regularly, then it may show a sign of a health issue. In case you see any of the following symptoms, contact your veterinarian right away:

  • Red lumps or blisters on the body
  • Skin pigmentation issues
  • Red, bloated, or vulvar or rectum
  • Squatting or scraping the genital part on the floor
  • Struggling during urination
  • Having a bad odour between urinations

How to Stop Cats from Licking Themselves?

When your cat is grooming itself, the licking process isn’t a big issue at that time. But if your cat licks you all time, it may be extremely annoying due to its harsh tongue.

How to Stop Cats from Licking Themselves

The best way to stop your cat from licking is to divert its attention. For instance, if your cat enjoys being petted and cuddled, try to do so; she’ll stop licking.

You can also use cat toys or cat trees to divert their interest toward playing. But if your cat starts licking too much, you can also leave her.

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Why Does My Cat Lick Me?

Why Does My Cat Lick Me

1. For Making a Strong Bond

 For grooming and demonstrating their affection for other cats, they bunt their heads or bodies and lick the ear tops of their owners. To spread their fragrance, cats enjoy licking their owners. A cat needs to do this to show their owners that they’re pals.

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2. Your Cat Wants to Complement You

If your cat is licking you, it also means that she wants to thank you when you make them feel secure and provide them with all the necessary things.

3. Cats are Showing Territory on You

As you know that felines show their territory by using a variety of behaviours. These behaviours include licking, stroking, clawing, and splashing the cheeks. So, when your cats lick you, she wants to tell you that you’re hers.

4. Cat Feels a Unique Flavour on Your Skin

Sometimes your cat may find something unique on your skin and licks you to taste it. It mostly occurs when you spill some food on yourself, which is a residue left on your skin. Moreover, sometimes cats also lick our sweat and enjoy its salty flavour.

5. To Seek Your Attention

Your cat may also lick you to get your attention. They want you to cuddle them, give them food, engage with them, or spend some time with them.

Why Do Cats Lick? What Medical Condition Causes this Behavior?

A cat may repeatedly lick its sex organs for a variety of medical conditions. The following are some typical issues:

Why Do Cats Lick What Medical Condition Causes this Behavior

1. Urinary Bladder Disease or Stones

When a cat’s bladder is infected, or stones appear in its bladder, in that situation, it may lick its sex organs continuously after peeing or even in between excretion. To treat this situation, numerous oral antibiotics are available in the form of pills and liquids that work well to treat urinary infections.

2. Allergies

 Both food and environmental allergens also cause allergies in the private parts of cats. Licking will be reduced if the allergen is avoided. These allergies can be treated by eliminating trees and plants from the environment or hypoallergenic food from the cat’s diet.

3. Skin Disease

The presence of microbes or yeast on the cat’s skin may cause an infection and impair the cat’s immunity. Skin infections can be extremely irritating and cause frequent licking of the infected region.

4. Impaction of the Anal Glands

In cats, 2 anal glands are found in the rectum regions known as scent glands. Rectum muscles contract during a bowel motion press against each other, filling with foul liquid and then emptying themselves. Cats can’t see these anal glands exist if they’re functioning normally. But, when these anal glands are overloaded, they’re visible. A foul smell is released by these glands, and swelling and irritation appear in the anal region. Due to this irritation, felines lick their anus or rub it on the floor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my cat licking my new kitten?

If your cat licks your new kittens, then it may be due to the following reason:
1. To greet your kitty
2. To groom it
3. To show his dominance
4. To recognize its smell
5. To communicate with it

Why does my female cat keep licking her bottom?

If your female feline is continuously licking her bum, then there will be the following reasons:
1. She may want to get release her frustration because of the heat cycle
2. She may want to clean her private parts after urination or defecation
3. She needs to get neutered
4. She may be some serious UTI

What’s up with cats licking after eating?

Cats usually licked their lips after eating to clear any flavoured remnants after eating their meal. If they don’t clean their lips, other prey may pick up on residual odours and become aware that a predator cat is nearby.

How does a cat’s tongue help them clean?

There are many microscopic spines present in a backward direction on the felines’ tongue, known as papillae. These spines help cats to clean themselves thoroughly when they get dirty.

Is it clean for my cat to lick his bum?

If your cat eats faeces while licking his bum, then it’s not good for him to lick because it can cause serious health issues.

Cat biting other cats’ bum, Why?

Cats are affectionate and social, but they are also capable of aggressive behaviour, such as biting other cats’ bums as a show of dominance, sexual aggression, or as instinctual behaviour.

The Bottom Line on Why Is My Cat Licking My Other Cats Bum

It’s all done for now. Cats may use their tongues in different manners for unknown reasons. But no need to worry, unless you’re sensitive to their saliva, we’re confident that it won’t be something dangerous. Although it’s disgusting, all cat enthusiasts have a natural curiosity regarding cats.

Positive social interactions, grooming assistance, and displays of acceptance and authority are all reasons for cats licking one another. A hallmark of the mother cat is licking. When a cat licks another cat, cats can tell if that cat is under stress or illness. When a cat licks another cat, cats can tell if that cat is under stress or illness.

It’s challenging to control a cat who likes to lick things. As a result, you should use gentleness and refrain from yelling or reacting harshly. Avoid hitting or throwing her off in aggression.

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