Do Cats Get Mad At You? Signs-Do Cats Get Angry?

Cats are among the friendliest and most playful pets you can own. One moment they could be meowing for cuddles and pets; the next, they can be ignoring you completely. They can go from purring in your lap to growling really fast. It makes you think about whether: do cats get mad at you or not.

Yes, cats do get mad at their owners. The way cats express anger may be different from the way humans do, but there are some telltale signs they may feel angry. Hessing, growling, meowing aggressively, swatting, and avoiding you are some of the most common signs that cats are mad.

Cats can get angry with you. The reasons can range from you leaving them for work to being neglected. When mad, they will give you the cold shoulder, hiss at you or ignore your calls completely. Fortunately, they cannot stay mad for long and do not hold grudges. Read on to find out more!

Reasons Why Your Cat Is Mad At You

Reasons Why Do Cats Get Mad At You

While cats are generally laid-back creatures, they do have their moments of anger and rage. The list below will help you figure out why your feline is acting out:

1. Cats Hate Unpredictability

Cats like repetition, routine and familiarity. Slight changes such as coming home late from work, trying different litter or changing out the cat food will cause them significant stress. This stress will put them in a bad mood and make them mad at you.

2. Cooped up

If you have an indoor/outdoor cat, it might be feeling cooped up at home. If you think your feline has been inside for a few days, consider taking it out on a walk with a leash.

3. A New Addition

If you recently got a new pet or had a baby, your cat will feel the shift of attention. Cats are territorial animals, so they do not tolerate sharing, and making your cat share you (i.e. their territory) makes them very jealous. These feelings of jealousy translate into glares, ignoring you and even hissing at you, showing you that they are displeased.

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Signs Your Cat Is Secretly Mad at You: How Do You Know When A Cat Is Angry?

Your cat will display tell-tale signs to let you know of its anger towards you:

Signs Your Cat Is Secretly Mad at You How Do You Know When A Cat Is Angry
  • Its tail will hang low and wag from side to side aggressively instead of being straight up or relaxed.
  • Its ears are lower and flat against its head.
  • Its fur gets extremely puffy. It stands up as a stress response and shows that it is larger than it really is. 
  • It arches its back or lowers its body to the ground and hunches its shoulders, almost as if it will attack.
  • It will growl or hiss at you.
  • Its claws will be extended.
  • It will swipe its paw at you or scratch you.
  • It will glare at you.

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How Long Does Cat Stay Mad At You?

Thankfully, our feline friends are not big on holding a grudge. If they are mad at you, they won’t be for more than 16-18 hours. This is because you are still their owner, and they look up to you for attention and their needs.

How Long Does Cat Stay Mad At You

Of course, if you have done something to really piss your cat off, it may remember it forever and act accordingly, although it will not stay actively mad at you.

Why Do Cats Get Mad When You Point At Them?

Cats do not like to be scolded or treated harshly. They may see pointing as rude and get defensive. If you’re doing an important assignment, take your frustrations out on your cat and point at them to leave, you might hurt their feelings.

Do Cats Get Mad When You Leave?

Cats get very attached to their owners and love playing with you, sleeping in your lap and getting pets. No amount of attention is enough for our feline friends, so when you leave, they miss you so much that it stresses them out, which shows up as either sadness or anger. 

Your leaving means they cannot spend time with you, and they cannot stand that thought, so it makes them very angry instead.

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Do Cats Get Annoyed When You Wake Them Up?

Cats spend most of their time snoozing. In fact, an adult cat will sleep for 12-16 hours a day. So if your cat falls asleep in your lap and you gently wake them up, they will not mind and will probably walk away to sleep somewhere else.  

However, it might not be pleasant if you are harsh with your cat or startle it awake.

Do Cats Get Annoyed When You Pick Them Up?

This depends on your feline’s nature. Some cats will literally attack you for moving while they are curled up in your lap, while others will not like being manhandled. 

If your cat is more like the latter, give it some independent time and allow it to play on its own. It will let you know when it wants to be picked up.

Do Cats Get Mad When You Ignore Them?

Yes, Cats do get mad at you when you ignore them. They are sensitive creatures that can detect a change in mood and behaviour. If you are giving your feline the silent treatment to discipline it after it has been naughty, don’t keep up the behaviour for too long, as it can really mess with your cat.

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What To Do If Your Cat Is Angry At You?

What To Do If Your Cat Is Angry At You

Firstly, you need to assess the situation. If your feline is too worked up, it might scratch you if you try to get close to it. Instead, wait for the situation to cool down and for your cat to settle down. Once you find it in a calmer state, pick it up, put it in your lap, brush its fur and offer lots of pets. You can even say that you are sorry. Your cat will understand from the tone of your voice what you are trying to say.

Frequently Asked Question

Do cats get mad when you touch their kittens?

Mom cats have strong maternal instincts and will not even risk their babies getting in danger. Therefore, if you try to touch a kitten, the mother cat can get very aggressive, will growl, hiss and might even attack you.

This is different, of course, if the mother cat is your pet and you have a strong bond with her. In that case, she will let you handle her children.

How do you apologize to a cat?

If your cat is upset, take some time to calm down. After that, apologize softly while blinking slowly at them. Don’t forget to praise your cat and reward them with catnip or treats. You should spend some quality time together petting and playing games to ease your cat’s stress.

Wrap UP!

Although cats are mostly happy-go-lucky, playful animals, they do have their moods, especially if you do something to piss them off. Your cat will show aggression when angry, have a low tail and ears, a different stance, standing fur and even a glare. It is best to wait until your cat’s anger cools off before trying to make amends.

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