Why Do Cats Like The Bathroom? [Mystery Solved]

Does your cat accompany you when you use the washroom? Perhaps when you’re in there, it brushes against your legs. If you’re not there, it could leap on the countertop to relax in the sink. Many cat owners have reported that pet cats rub them as they use the bathroom. But why are cats curious to explore bathrooms? Why do cats like the bathroom?

Cats are drawn to bathrooms for several reasons. Bathrooms offer a blend of warmth, solitude, and interesting fixtures that intrigue cats. They seek comfort in the cozy spots of bathrooms, are curious about cabinets and drawers, and often enjoy playful antics with items like toilet paper. Moreover, they consider bathrooms as quiet places where they can easily take long naps. Most cats love the flowing water sound; that’s why they jump into bathtubs.

Not only this, there are many reasons behind this interesting behavior of your felines. So, if you really want to know all the possible reasons why your felines love your bathroom so much? Then this article will be worth reading for you.

Why are Cats So Obsessed with Bathrooms

Reasons Why Are Cats So Obsessed with Bathrooms?

The following are the main reasons why cats love bathrooms.

1. A Great Place for Playing

From your feline’s friend’s viewpoint, the restroom appears to be a playhouse. It features several playable items, like a bathtub that can be spun, toilet tissue rolls to manipulate, bathrobes, and towels.

They might also like rolling all over the ground and playing with the bathmat also. When they return home and discover their cat’s mess inside the toilet, many cat owners have learned their lesson on their own.

2. They Want Your Attention

Like many animals, cats love to be the center of attention. When your furry cat rubs against our legs while you are seated on the commode, you love to pet them. Cats are famed for their cleverness, so they were aware that since you were locked inside for a short while, they would have our full attention.

3. Curiosity

Many cats cannot tolerate their houses’ closed doors. The washroom door is, therefore, not different. Your cat may become agitated if the toilet door is closed and you are on the opposite side. Several cats appear to pick up on the fact that you’ll probably shut the restroom door over time.

To ensure they do not really miss out on all the excitement, they wish to be present. Cats are always interested in what is going on in their territories. Cats have only one rule, which is that doors shouldn’t be locked.

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Why Do Cats Follow You to the Bathroom?

Why Do Cats Follow You to the Bathroom

1. Separation Anxiety

Even while joining part in your daily ritual might seem innocent, if your cat exhibits additional symptoms of ultra-attachment, it may be suffering from separation anxiety.

We have altered our timetables, job schedules, and family lives due to the pandemic. The feline might be behaving out because cats are afraid of change; it might be the case if you’ve just returned to work and your cat is no longer a Zoom conference powerhouse.

2. The Cat Desires to Play

The washroom is indeed a cat’s paradise with countless cool surfaces, scents, and entertainment. However, if your naughty cat starts snooping about places she will not, like washroom garbage, she could be trying to tell parents that she needs more stimulating activities since she is bored.

3. The Cat Might Be Hungry

Your cat could be requesting a snack if she follows you around, including to the washroom. Because they are grazers by nature, cats frequently request little snacks throughout their day.

Just like with people, overeating or underfeeding felines can result in major health issues, so keep a close eye out to see whether the feline is whimpering and scratching at its empty container.

Therefore, it is essential to discuss your cat’s optimal weight, food, and feeding schedule with your veterinarian.

Why Does My Cat Sleep in the Bathroom?

Although felines are famous for chasing their owners around everywhere, it’ll be interesting to see your cat sleeping in the washroom. But most cat owners ask why cats take naps in bathrooms. The simple answer is that they feel excited about the bathroom or they need a cold place to soothe themselves. But let’s delve more into this unique cat behavior.

Why Does My Cat Sleep in the Bathroom

1. Bathrooms are Fabulous

The majority of house cats are so enthused with sinks and toilets that they urge you to allow them inside. It’s because you typically lock toilet doors to prevent your felines from using them. That’s why you are eager to open your bathroom’s medication or housekeeping supply closet.

2. Cats Enjoy Moving Water Sound

The majority of felines prefer the sound of flowing water. Moreover, water in motion is much cleaner and more untainted. Those cats who aren’t fond of being damp will be attracted by a flowing tap and enjoy playing with water, as well as some breeds love water so much that they would hop in the bathtub with their owners.

3. The Sink is a Fantastic Place to Sleep

When considering the best places for felines to sleep, your washroom sink will be the best option for your cats. Since you don’t often seek for your felines in the toilet, the sink is an excellent location to hide when you’re feeling anxious or stressed.

4. Your Feline is seeking a silent place

There will be much noise when a family gathers at your home. Because felines have such keen ears, the everyday noise in your home can be extremely annoying. The toilet is among the few calm spaces in your home, so if your feline ever feels overpowered by such noises, it can hide there.

5. Your Furry Friend is Sick

If your felines suddenly start to take naps in the bathroom, it’s typically nothing to worry about. However, unexpected behavior changes might also be a symptom of a disease or anxiety. When felines are sick, they hide in places where others can’t disturb them.

Reasons Why Do Cats Like the Bathroom?

Reasons Why Do Cats Like the Bathroom

1. Consider the Bathroom as a Play Area

Cats enjoy playing, climbing, and jumping about, and the washroom is a suitable playroom in their eyes. The bathtub is a fun place to swirl around for them since they love toilet paper. They could also mess with the sink or play close to the commode.

2. The Curiosity of Closed Doors

Cats naturally like to explore; hence they dislike locked doors. It includes locked toilet doors, which merely serve to increase cats’ determination to enter. Cats are keen observers, and if they could have their way, cats wouldn’t let closed doors exist in their territory.

3. Felines Love Bathroom Sinks

Cats are known for sleeping in the most bizarre locations, and the sink is one of those places. The rounded edges, which cradle the cat’s body, are appealing to them. Because bathroom basins are chilly and feel pleasant against their heated fur, cats also enjoy relaxing there.

Their body heat sinks throughout the colder months, which makes it particularly comfy to sleep there. Several cats also enjoy sitting inside the sink and licking water from the tap.

4. They Enjoy being Close to the water

While most cats dislike being wet, they don’t care about being around water. Cats are intrigued by clean, flowing water and will voluntarily go into the sink if they listen or notice it. Additionally, some cats could approach the showers, lick the curtain, or sip water.

Why Does My Cat Lick the Bathtub?

The edges of a bathtub are always wet when you finish taking a bath. The final few drops of water that are left mostly on the tub’s edges and bottom might be licked off by your cat. Some professionals contend that a cat’s obsession with the bathtub results from its intrinsic need to locate clean, flowing water.

Why Does My Cat Lick the Bathtub

The bathroom is usually a natural area for felines to fetch water because cats prefer to have fresh supplies of water apart from the food dish and litter pans.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my cat obsessed with the sink?

In hot weather, your pet may find your sink to be a nice respite from the heat. Cats like the cold, hard basin of a sink since it helps them keep cool.

Why does my cat follow me to the bathroom every morning?

Your cat wants fresh water, so he accompanies you into the washroom. The restroom is the place where cats may have the most fun with water since they are obsessed with flowing water. Shower faucets, toilet water, and faucets.

Why does my cat guard me when I pee?

Felines are very possessive of the property of their masters. Cats that struggle with separation anxiety may protect their guardians in the restroom and demand their whole attention.

Why does my cat sit in the bathroom?

Cats usually consider bathrooms a great place to play. They like to play with faucets, bathroom mats, and curtains. Bathtubs are the most interesting place for them in the bathroom. All these reasons make bathrooms a perfect loveable place for cats.

Why do cats like sinks and bathtubs?

It’s natural for cats to prefer cozy spaces, and the bath provides a space that is compact, yet stable and not threatening There is no better place to play and hide for cats than in the bathroom. They love the sound of flowing water so much that they jump right into bathtubs.


It’s not strange that your felines insisted on going into the washroom with you because cats want to be near their caretakers. It’s also not odd at all for your cat to sleep in the bathroom when you’re still in the middle of anything. Moreover, their love for bathrooms is a natural instinct due; due to their exploring nature.

But, you must consult your veterinarian if you believe your felines are behaving oddly or if there has been a variation in your felines’ physical activity.

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