Why Do Cats Like Refrigerators?[All You Need To Know]

Cats are innate explorers who enjoy exploring their environment. Cats constantly seek out new toys for playing with because of their inquisitive mind. They might keep going back to it for more pleasure once they discover anything that captures their interest. Just the same you may have seen felines roaming around you and most of you think why do they do this?  Why Do Cats Like Refrigerators?

For cats, refrigerators act as a playground. They are bigger compared to everyone else in the home. So, they can climb on it and rest on the top. Moreover, if they sneak into the refrigerator, they can smell delicious food and hiding spots. As you know felines are curious and imaginative, so they always try to see the inside of refrigerators because the inner isn’t visible to them.

Being a cat owner, you always try to keep off your felines from the counters and refrigerators. But when they decide to make a home on the roof of your refrigerator, it can be a little more difficult to stop them. Continue reading this article to know the reasons behind cats’ obsession with refrigerators and how to stop them from doing so.

Do Cats Like Refrigerators

Why Do Cats Like Refrigerators?

If your feline notices that you are feeding other animals and if it enjoys the food from the refrigerator, it may also spend a lot of time there. Cats are similar to humans, they become preoccupied with things that grab their attention.

Cats are drawn to the fridge primarily because they believe it will contain food, additionally due to its visual importance and appeal. Here I’ve mentioned a few reasons due to why cats are obsessed with refrigerators:

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Your cat may have discovered the refrigerator as the source of food. Cats watch your motions and pick up on your habits. Your cat is aware of every time you add food to the refrigerator or remove foodstuff from it. Your cat might have learned to link the refrigerator with foodstuff.

Cats possess an exceptionally keen smelling sense, therefore when they detect the fragrance of food when the refrigerator door is opened, they may associate it with an object that gives them meals.


When a cat becomes cold, she may be drawn to the warmth that refrigerators release. The refrigerant passing between the cooling coil and releasing heat into the environment makes the exterior of a refrigerator a little warm.

Therefore, even if it looks like your feline is searching for food in the refrigerator, she might be taking advantage of its heat. This behavior is typical in cold climates, especially in chilly evenings, and throughout the frigid winter months.

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Cooling Down

When the refrigerator doors are open, your feline can be breathing in the colder air. If your refrigerator is frequently opened, your feline might fall into the routine of sleeping close to it because it frequently has a cold surface. So, a cat thinks that he is lying in front of a huge box of cool air.

This mostly occurs in a hot climate or when a feline is suffering from a fever or any other sickness. Your feline may want to cool off in that situation because she is feeling hot. If left untreated, heat stress in your cat may develop into heat stroke.


It’s not surprising that felines are highly inquisitive animals. Your cat’s thoughts may be considering ways to enter the fridge while she sits there gazing at it. She might have caught a glimpse of the refrigerator drawers and other items inside, setting off her innate awareness.

The same holds for peeking into cupboards, opening drawers, and poking their noses inside polythene, purses, or packages.

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Refrigerator Motions

Cats are drawn to motion, so even a small quantity can catch their attention. Your feline may have learned as a result that any space next to a refrigerator vibrates slightly. This is caused by the cooling system and internal cooling motor.

This behavior from your feline may be a sign that it’s stressed out or just needs to unwind. Vibrations make cats relax as when cats vibrate endorphins are released in their brain, thus even a low vibration that moves across their body will make them calm when they’re extremely frightened.

Rats and Other Tiny Creatures

Your feline may have chased some pest or mice that may be hiding behind the refrigerator. In order to stay safe, rats and insects frequently flee into small, dim areas like the backside or below a refrigerator.

Your feline either encounters these insects daily or has maybe encountered them before. In order to ensure that nothing gets inside the refrigerator and to be prepared for the attack when anything does, she uses the intuitive chasing and monitoring behavior of lying in front of it.

Why Is My Cat Meowing at The Fridge?

It’s possible that your feline is meowing at the refrigerator because it needs something in there. They may simply believe that if they paw at the refrigerator, you will serve them again because they know that you store their meals there.

Why Is My Cat Meowing at The Fridge

Or perhaps they’ve had a taste of your meal earlier and now they’re hankering after it. They may have assumed that you took that delicious snack out of the refrigerator since they’re now making another attempt to get their way.

Or perhaps your cat has detected something in the refrigerator. Moreover, it’ll possible that they may smell bad inside your refrigerator, so they’re trying to alert someone because they’re irritated about it.

Also, cats enjoy curling up in tight areas for warmth, so certain places in your fridge will appear particularly appealing to them. It’s amusing to note that some felines prefer to rest inside refrigerators.

Your feline might occasionally be scared of the refrigerator. Felines might be meowing at the refrigerator since they don’t find it appealing as all cats don’t enjoy it. Felines can be alarmed by the loud sounds that refrigerators occasionally make, but over time they begin to dislike them. Cats don’t like the coolness, so if you usually left the refrigerator door open, they may avoid it.

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Why Do Cats Like to Sit on The Top of Refrigerators?

A refrigerator often has a lot more heat on top except for the remaining part of the refrigerator to maintain a chilly interior. Cats like to curl up on top of the fridge because they are drawn to hot climates by nature.

Why Do Cats Like to Sit on The Top of Refrigerators

Felines also prefer to stay in places with nice views in order to stay vigilant and aware of what’s happening. They may rest in a lovely, tall spot and still monitor things on their territory from the roof of a fridge.

In certain cases, sitting on the top of the refrigerator also gives them more security, particularly if you have several animals in your house. They may use the roof of the refrigerator as a place to sit quietly.

When they are perched on top of the fridge, they frequently notice a slight movement. They may feel more at ease and fall asleep as a result of this vibration.

This vibration will also assist to calm your cat down because it nearly sounds like your feline is purring. Therefore, the refrigerator’s roof is a comfortable sleeping area.

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Why Does My Cat Jump on The Fridge?

Jumping of cats on various surfaces is not uncommon. Since they have numerous locations they can climb on top of, they frequently hop between each one. They feel most dominant when they are standing on the fridge’s top.

Why Does My Cat Jump on The Fridge

They can achieve the supremacy they long for there. It might even be your pet’s preferred location. The cat will undoubtedly become much more fixated on it if it saw you removing a reward or food item from the refrigerator.

How Do I Stop My Cat From Climbing the Fridge?

You can take the following measures if you want to stop your feline from climbing to the top of the refrigerator:

How Do I Stop My Cat From Climbing the Fridge
  • Give it a better spot: You can encourage it to leave the refrigerator’s top and migrate to a more advantageous spot. You can accomplish this by installing the highest shelf or getting window frames for higher window panes, which will give it a better view.
  • Offer an alternate eating location: The feline can be stopped from climbing the fridge by offering it another spot to eat. This can be achieved by positioning meal and water dishes in various locations throughout the home, such as next to doorways or other spots that can be easily accessed by the feline. As a result, the cat won’t be dependent on the fridge for its nutrition and will be more likely to avoid it.
  • Place compacted cans on the refrigerator’s top:  When a feline touches a compressed can, it makes a loud noise and lets out air, which irritates the cat greatly. If you start placing these items in the feline’s favorite spots, it might quit going there.
  • Spilling water: While cats typically aren’t big fans of the water placed on surfaces, spilling water over the fridge’s top can be helpful to stop your feline from climbing over it. However, this isn’t necessarily advised since some felines are comfortable with liquids and are likely to accidentally splash water in the machinery of the fridge which will damage it.
  • Double-faced tapes: Your felines may stop visiting the area where the tape is because they dislike the adhesive sensation in their toes. Some felines, however, are so intrigued by the adhesive that they manage to detach it and begin playing with this.
  • Shut the fridge door: Ensuring that the fridge door is always shut is the initial and most crucial method for avoiding a cat from getting into the fridge. This will stop the feline from entering and preserve food as well as other products secure from the feline’s contamination.
  • Utilize Reward-Based Training: Another efficient method of preventing felines from climbing the refrigerator is by using the intrinsic rewards method. Praise the cat with goodies or gadgets when it’s sighted approaching the refrigerator to encourage the behavior. This will contribute to building a favorable link between being close to the fridge and getting incentives, which will probably result in the cat totally ignoring it.
  • Place a cat gate: A good approach to prevent cats from getting near the fridge is to place a cat barricade around it. This is often accomplished by placing an animal or baby gate in the surrounding of the refrigerator to stop the feline from approaching it too closely. A clawing post placed close to the fridge can also aid in distracting the feline from it.

Frequently Asked Question

What can cats eat from the fridge?

Cats can consume the following food items from the fridge:
Cooked white rice.
Poached eggs or scrambled eggs.
Fried oats or grain.
Green peas
Fried chicken without the bone

How long would a cat live in a fridge?

According to specialists, a feline can comfortably live inside a refrigerator for about 19 hours. But it is crucial to remember that felines mustn’t be kept in a refrigerator or any other chilly place because doing so could seriously injure or even kill the cat.  A feline’s body temperature is roughly 100°F, but the refrigerator is 35°F and 38°F. So, if a feline were unintentionally confined in a refrigerator, it might result in frostbite, which is potentially fatal.

Why does my cat scratch the fridge?

They don’t recognize themselves when they catch a glimpse of themselves in the mirror-like surface of the refrigerator.  They believe some other feline is staring at them and become alarmed due to their own reflective image. When this occurs, felines scratch the refrigerator surface, believing they are assaulting the other feline while they’re only staring back at themselves.

Why does my cat sleep by the fridge?

Your feline will like to remain close to the refrigerator because of a few causes:
The cold temperature of the refrigerator keeps them relax
The vibration of the refrigerator’s motor lessens their anxiety
It is the best place for seeking delicious food
It is the highest point that keeps them secure and protected from other pets, so they can sleep peacefully.


Cats perching on the top of a refrigerator is neither unusual nor cause for concern. They enjoy being in charge, and power is what they truly long for. They find authority in being in the highest position physically, which is why they enjoy it so much.

They enjoy the “you won’t capture me” attitude as well. Cats enjoy being powerful because the top of the refrigerator is typically out of their reach. It’s the perfect hangout location for your pet because of the cool temperatures, alluring scents, and stimulating sounds. Pet owners must be conscious of these inclinations and take precautions to keep their cats safe.

You may provide felines with a nice area to rest while protecting them by learning why they like this particular setting. If your cat behaves in this way, it is neither unusual nor dangerous. You can leave your cat alone, and if there are problems, you can find another solution and transport your cat to that location.

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