Why Do Cats Cover Their Faces When They Sleep? Reasons You Should Know

Covering one’s face is merely one of those small feline mannerisms that almost all cats engage in. Her two front paws act as sunglasses when she covers her face, shielding her eyes from the sun’s excessively powerful rays.

Cats are wonderful pets in a number of ways. Your feline buddy likes to sleep in a variety of positions. Why do cats cover their faces when they sleep? In most postures, your furry, small pet will sleep with its paws or tail covering its face.

While sleeping, cats hide their faces to keep their noses and bodies warm, or perhaps they are blocking out sunlight or noise, making them feel more safe and secure, or they are simply finding this position more comfortable than any other. It makes sense that covering their faces will give them a feeling of security since they are also their most vulnerable points.

Let’s explore some fascinating cat sleeping facts and find out more about this curious cat’s behaviour. 

why do cats cover their face when they sleep

Reasons Why Do Cats Cover Their Face When They Sleep

Sleeping is a common habit of cats; they generally sleep 15 hours a day and, in some cases, even 20. A cat is a crepuscular creature, which means it prefers to roam during the day.

When a cat wraps its paws or tails over its face, it normally curls into a ball. This spherical design allows the cat to retain maximum heat, allowing for a pleasant and tranquil slumber.

Sleeping positions for cats are many and varied, so it’s no wonder they are experts at napping. Hence, let’s examine all the reasons why cats sleep with their faces or eyes covered and what’s really going on inside their mind when she’s asleep.

1. To Feel Secure

There is a natural tendency for cats to seek out places where they feel safe since they are predators as well as prey. Before napping, they might seek a high vantage point, or even immerse themselves in a basket of laundry or under a cosy blanket for comfort and safety.

The pretty faces they show are also the most vulnerable points of their bodies, and
cats cannot defend themselves when their teeth or eyes are compromised when they are attacked in the face. So it makes sense they would cover them for a sense of safety.

2. They’re Keeping Their Nose Warm

Body heat retention is essential for all animals, and your cat’s best strategy is to curl up in a ball. During the winter months, you may see your cat curling up more and more, as well as placing their feet up.

Their tail may cover their face as they sleep if they prefer to tuck their paws under them. This position helps them in keeping their little noses warm.

3. Keeping Light Out

Cats love the heat, but snoozing in the warm sun isn’t fun because of the harsh light. Light is a key impediment to getting good sleep.

Cat use their paws and tail as a shield to block out the sun during the day when they are trying to sleep.

When your cat sleeps during the day, you’ll find that it prefers to sleep in a dark place. The cat prefers blackout curtains or sleeping with their face down in a dark place when she sleeps during day time.

4. When They are Tired

Cats enjoy keeping their coats clean because it keeps their fur warm and healthy. Spending all that time grooming can be taxing, especially when the need to snooze takes precedence over their job in progress. When the task isn’t completed, the cat begins to fall asleep while wiping its face with a paw, and this is the position in which they sleep.

In addition to grooming, cat owners should also make sure that their cat is not itching their face because of allergies as they touch their face with their paws.

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5. Blocking out the Noise

Noise and light are both significant sleep disruptors. So, just as your cat would shield its eyes to block out light, it will try to filter out ambient sounds.

Usually, gentle noise is beneficial to humans’ productive sleep cycles. However, considering cats’ increased hearing, it is uncertain if the same is true. In a noisy environment, It will attempt to muffle the noise by placing its paws across its face.

6. They are Relax

Each cat has a unique sleeping posture. Some of them enjoy sleeping on their stomachs or backs, while others prefer sleeping on their sides.

So, if your feline pet uses its paws to shield its face when resting, it might suggest that’s the most comfortable sleeping posture for the cat.

7. Do Not Disturb

Often cats do this to make sure you don’t disturb them while they sleep, or she might be letting other pets know that she should be left alone.

Having their paws on their faces may suggest that they want some peace for some time.

8. Marking Territory

In some cases, cats will bury their faces into objects rather than use their tails or paws to mark their territory. There are scent glands on the tail, paws, and cheeks of cats. These scent glands release pheromones not only unique to cats but also to other mammals.

Usually, cats don’t mark their territory while sleeping, but it’s highly likely that they have when they’ve fallen asleep while you groom them.

What are Some Unusual Areas Where Cats Prefer to Sleep?

Reasons Why Cats Sleep With Their Faces or Eyes Covered

1. On Top of the Bed

We’re not the only ones that prefer a good night’s sleep. Cats like them because they are soft, warm, and high off the ground, making them feel protected – even more so because they can smell their owner’s fragrance in them.

2. In the Drain

Surprisingly, cats have flexible personalities, which might be due to the fact that they take on the shape of the container in which they find themselves. When you enter the bathroom, your cat will be cuddled up and sound sleeping in the wash basin.

3. On Clean Clothes Inside The Wardrobe

Cats enjoy sleeping inside closets on aromatic clean clothing, preferably knits. It’s a convenient location and a peaceful haven where they may sleep peacefully. The disadvantage is that we risk going out in sweaters coated with cat fur!

4. Enclosed Areas

Cats enjoy sleeping in cardboard boxes, baskets, and flower pots because they feel safe in confined and compact quarters. A cat’s nature is to hide in restricted spaces, such as boxes, where predators cannot approach from the side or back. If your cat likes to sleep in these places, treat him to a cat cave bed.

5. Shoppers and Inside the Bag

Cats can get into almost anything, especially tiny, nimble kittens. They adore paper and plastic bags, not just for the pleasant noise they create as they enter, but also because they feel people cannot see them

6. On the Laptop

Cats aren’t geeks, but they do like the warmth of a freshly switched-off computer. If you notice your cat around you as you work on the computer, it might be looking for a good place to slumber.

Why Do Cats Choose to Sleep in Unusual Places?

Why do Cats Choose to Sleep in Unusual Places
  • Cats like resting in tiny settings because they are less likely to be bothered. So, by burrowing between neatly folded sweaters or inside a paper bag, the kitten ensures he sleeps in the safest place possible.
  • Cats also like resting in slightly too-small shoeboxes because the enclosed environment keeps them warm. Cats adore the heat, as an owner who has seen his cat napping in sunny locations or snuggling beneath blankets knows, and cardboard boxes give an added layer of insulation during an afternoon nap. 
  • Similarly, if your cat wants to cool off, you may discover him snoozing in the bathtub or sink. 
  • Cats are naturally inquisitive, and this curiosity might lead to your kitty exploring new nooks and crannies, such as unlocked dresser drawers. When a litter is born, pregnant females may hunt for a place to nest and end up in unusual places, like beneath the sofa.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do cats want to sleep in the beds of their owners?

Because of the cat’s strong bond with its owner, the bed emits a savoury and cosy aroma, and your little furball feels more secure cuddling close to you, giving a more protective environment.

why do cats cover their eyes when they sleep?

While cats prefer sleeping in a cosy spot, the downside is that their sensitive eyes catch that single beam of the sun when they zone out on the rug. She protects her eyes from the painfully bright rays of the sun with her two front paws, which act as sunglasses.

Why do cats hold their heads when they sleep?

When a cat sleeps with its head up, it is relaxed and its muscles are stiffened to support its body. While snoozing, cats can actually stiffen some muscles by twitching their tails and moving their ears, similar to the way they do when they are relaxed

Wrap Up!

In the end, it is concluded that cats prefer to sleep more during the day in order to conserve energy for when they are up at night. Felines sleep with their faces covered to feel comfortable and to block off the light. They may also do it to keep their nose warm and to shield their fragile face from any potential danger.

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