Do Cats Like The Rain? Where Do Stray Cats Go When It Rains?

Have you ever worried about your feline while it is outdoors during rainy weather? If you’re a cat lover, you’ve experienced a situation where your feline has gotten out, and the rain has started. You may think do cats like the rain, and where they go when it rains?

Cats don’t like water, even if it’s rain, because rain makes their fur soggy, making them feel uneasy. Moreover, they can’t move due to the heavy weight of wet fur, which causes body heat loss and frostbite. Moreover, when the rain starts, cats try to hide in basements, underneath households, in nooks, under canopies, or below balconies.  A cat can hide in different locations where it feels secure.

Cats are extremely uncomfortable in the rainy season and might experience a variety of difficulties as a result. So, in this post, we’ll examine how felines respond to rain and how you can help them to survive in the rain.

Can Cats Sense Rain

Can Cats Sense Rain?

Yes. Cats’ enhanced senses of internal ear let them detect changes in atmospheric pressure. Pressure difference gradually decreases as rainfall approaches and changes quickly when a thunderstorm approaches. Cats can detect terrible weather because they can recognize these pressure changes.

Do Cats Like the Rain?

Cats usually dislike the rainy season because rainwater makes their top coat wet, and the water may penetrate beyond this layer and cause discomfort.

do cats like rain

A cat’s capacity to stay warm is affected by a wet coat because it loses internal heat more quickly than usual. Furthermore, a wet coat weighs greater than a dry coat, which can also make a cat less agile.

Although, this rule isn’t always true for all breeds, and some cat species are obsessed with water. Moreover, they love to play in bathrooms, basins, ponds, and swimming pools.

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Where Do Cats Hide When It Rains?

Most felines will naturally seek cover in advance of rain because they’re aware of it. But, due to the uncertain weather, felines occasionally find themselves stranded farther from their normal homes.

So, when the rain starts, they’ll find shelter to hide, such as under vehicles, garages, shrubs, and other places where they can wrap up to stay cosy and dry.

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Why Does My Cat Like Being Out in the Rain?

Your cat may go outside in the rain because of the following benefits they may avail of during the rainy season.

Why Does My Cat Like Being Out in the Rain

1. Searching for a Prey

House cats don’t hunt because their caretakers provide them with all of their meals and nourishment. Since hunting is a natural impulse, many feral cats continue to engage in it. Yours may also wish to go outdoors assuming that rain will:

  • Urge specific types of small animals to emerge from the shelter.
  • Limit the number of competitors or predators it’ll come across.
  • Easily follow and mark the footsteps of the prey.

2. Need to pee

Some felines aren’t fond of using litter boxes and urinating outside. If your feline is one of them, it’ll go out in any weather when he needs to urinate.

3. Following the routine

Cats are routine-oriented animals. They enjoy regularity and discipline and dislike changes to either if your feline has a routine that involves outdoor tours at a fixed time.

It might then be possible that your feline is keeping his routine no matter what’s the weather condition.

4. Marking their territory

Felines want to mark their area with excretions, but rainfall can wipe off those odours. As a result, your feline may want to return to its area to mark its territory when it’s raining.

Do Cats Come Home When It Rains?

When the rain starts, the majority of domestic cats immediately go back inside. They know that the best place to hide is your home when the rains come. So, they’ll probably run back to their homes when they detect weather is worsening.

Can Cats Find Their Way Home in the Rain?

Felines use their strong senses and confined residence range to navigate their homes. Although, rain alters the appearance of the ground by causing mud and dirt disruption and also washing away any odor indicators that your feline left in its territory to find it easily.

Can Cats Find Their Way Home in the Rain

So, despite the rain, your feline can locate its way back to the house. However, it might be harder to do on a clear, sunny day. So, your feline may decide to stay inside a small shack until the weather improves. It may then try to find its location once the rain has gone, which may disturb its senses.

Where Do Stray Cats Go When It Rains?/ Where Do Outdoor Cats Go When It Rains?

Cats are skilled at seeking refuge, particularly in an emergency. Moreover, if you have an outside cat that hasn’t returned to its home on a stormy night, then don’t worry, as it’s certainly hidden somewhere. There are several locations where a stray cat/ outside cat can hide, including:

Where Do Stray Cats Go When It Rains
  • Under vehicles or inside car engines
  • Under sheds of homes
  • In garages
  • Behind windowsill
  • Under trees or shrubs
  • Behind porches
  • Inside junk stacks or abandoned houses

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How to Help A Stray Cat While It’s Raining Outside?

If you find a stray cat in rainy weather, you should follow the below guidelines:

  • Firstly, dry them with a warm and soft towel.
  • Give them a cosy blanket or cover or place.
  • Give them warm food and water, so their inner body temperature returns to normal.
  • Build a shelter for them with Styrofoam or cardboard.
  • Check them for any diseases or frostbite.
  • Take them to your home and care for them if they aren’t feeling well.

Are Cats OK in the Rain?

Cats won’t care whether it’s a summer or winter season; they’ll only be irritated about getting wet. Usually, cats won’t be harmed by the rainwater; they’ll only get wet, and after the rain stops, they’ll dry themselves. But, if a cat becomes stranded in the rainy weather in the winter season, he may die.

Are Cats OK in the Rain

Moreover, it may get cold and suffer from hypothermia if it can’t dry properly. For this reason, the majority of felines will seek cover during rainfall.

Can Cats Survive Rain?

Since cats can seek cover, they can survive in the rain. However, a feline’s health might worsen over time if it’s stranded in a chilly rainstorm. So, it’s advised that you must find your feline quickly when the rain starts and take it inside so it can warm up.

However, if your cat manages to come back by itself, you need to dry her immediately. Rub her with a soft towel and give her hot water and meals. Doing so will stimulate your cat’s blood supply, and its internal temperature will return to normal.

Can Cats Get Sick from Rain?

The rain itself can’t ill felines; however, if your cat gets wet, its wet coat may cause common cold or frostbite. Although in summer, cats’ coats dry up quickly, in winter, they may experience a sharp drop in body temperature.

A cat’s coat controls its body temperature, so if it gets wet and isn’t dried properly, it’ll be unable to control its body temperature effectively. As a result, their body will become completely vulnerable to the weather conditions and become hypothermic.

Should I Let My Cat Out in the Rain?

If you want to let your cat outside, you should consider the weather condition first. Moreover, if your cat feels okay, then it’s fine to let him explore the outside, whether it’s raining or not.

Should I Let My Cat Out in the Rain

Also, if it’s raining heavily or a thunderstorm starts, then you must keep your cat inside. Because in this case, your feline’s coat may become soggy, which will affect its mobility and body heat. This will be extremely harmful in the winter.

Also, in extreme lightning or thunderstorms, cats may become terrified and seek refuge in unsafe areas where they may harm themselves.

Cat Out All Night in the Rain?

You might be hesitant to leave your feline outdoors at night or when it about to rain. Should not worry unless it’s not freezing. So, if you accidentally leave your cat outside for the whole night, it’ll find a new refuge in your backyard or balcony.

But you shouldn’t let your feline outside at night if the weather is cold because your cat may get frostbite if the rain starts unexpectedly. If your cat has spent the whole night outside, you should check him for symptoms of disease or any bad signs, including:

  • Quivering
  • laziness
  • Breathing more slowly
  • Sluggishness
  • Sweaty skin

Why is My Cat Sitting Out in the Rain?

While most felines prefer to stay dry, few felines love to play in the rain. Some breeds of cats love to play in the water and go outside when it’s raining.

Why is My Cat Sitting Out in the Rain

On the other hand, some felines usually don’t like the rain, but they love to see the empty and peaceful environment outside during rain.

It’s also possible that your feline is searching for prey because it’s simpler to catch prey now.

How Do Feral Cats Survive in the Wild When it Rains or Snows?

When rain or snow begins, stray cats hide at heightened places or in a cave because these places are warm. Moreover, their thick winter furs protect them from winter frost.

Also, they hide in warm and dry shelters such as deserted buildings, cars, or big holes in the ground.

How Do Feral Cats Survive in the Wild When it Rains

What Kind of Dangers Do Feral Cats Face When Bad Weather Hits?

They may be vulnerable to the environment if heavy storms destroy their homes. Floods may also be dangerous because they may carry cats away who can’t swim.

Moreover, they may get injured by fast winds due to collapsing branches or garbage on them. Additionally, extreme temps might cause frostbite or dehydration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do cats like the sound of rain?

Since it’s symbolic of nature, some cats enjoy hearing the rain sound as it promotes relaxation and calmness in them.

However, some cats detest the rain sound. They may react by making a loud purr, clawing, or acting generally disturbed. They might be reminded of getting soaked or warned that thunderstorms are ahead.

Do cats get sleepy when it rains?

Unlike humans, cats require a significant quantity of sleep each day, 12 -16 hours. However, it’s not possible for your feline falls asleep when its rains. Due to rain, cats become uncomfortable due to the lack of outside activities and take a nap.

Why do cats sleep when it rains?

Since cats are trying to conserve their stamina to stay warm, they may nap while it’s raining.

Moreover, most cats dislike becoming wet, so they prefer to stay indoors when it rains and take a nap.

Do cats seek shelter when it rains?

Most felines will immediately seek cover before the rain starts because they are aware of it.

However, because of how variable the weather may be, cats occasionally find themselves stranded far from their preferred homes.

Final Verdict

After reading this post, I’m sure you have better understood where your feline might shelter whenever it rains, why felines dislike rain, and what you can do to help a stray cat in the rain.

However most felines enjoy going outside while it is raining, but you still have to ensure they’re protected until the weather improves. Also, if you desire your cat stays healthy, you must keep her inside.

Moreover, if you ever find a stray cat stranded in a thunderstorm, provide them with a warm shelter to protect them from getting wet or becoming hypothermic.

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