Cat Myths And Misconceptions: Know The Truth

There are certain famous truths about cats, but some people have made many beliefs and myths about them. Some cats are superstitious, ludicrous, or hilarious, but on the other hand, some of them are also dangerous. As you know, cats are loving and social creatures, so we must take care of them and always make the best decision for them.

But still, many of us unintentionally hurt them by trusting rumours about them and making wrong decisions about their care; those rumours might or might not be true. However, you might be thinking at this point about cat myths and misconceptions that hurt cats.

The issue of why and how these myths arise is obviously due to cat-breed conspiracies. As you know that cats have a variety of breeds, and all of them have different natures and ways of thinking or feeling. So, you can’t treat them alike because each breed acts differently from others and even with humans. 

Some most common myths about cats are bad they do not love creatures, they must be adopted in June, they purr when they’re happy and much more!

As a result, most people continue to believe in such false stories even now, which undoubtedly contributes to widespread misconception and the persistence of certain myths.

But it’s time to address these false notions now so that you can build a stronger relationship with your feline friends. To help you know about these myths, continue to read this article, as it’ll help you better recognize and appreciate your cats. Moreover, this article will also help you debunk a few common, harmful, and life-threatening myths about your cats. So, let’s debunk these myths:

Harmful Myths That Hurt Cats

4-Harmful Myths That Hurt Cats

1. The Food-Bowl-is-Always-full Myth

One of the craziest myths on the internet is that if a cat’s bowl is full of food up to the edges, then the “cat is starving for food”. In reality, cat whiskers are highly sensitive, and when they constantly rub against bowl sides, cats may experience whisker fatigue. So, when cats eat from a half-filled bowl, they may get painful sensations in those sensitive areas.

That’s why their food bowl is always full so that they can easily consume what they want to and leave that one which is unpleasant for them.

This myth proves harmful to cats since it makes us believe that our cat is dishonest or indolent on purpose. No, they’re not; it’s just their whiskers are delicate. So, bring a large or wide bowl for them so they can eat peacefully.

2. Myth of Nasty Behaviour

Most people complain that their cat is peeing everywhere in their house. Even if you’re acting ethically and providing her with much water or food. Still, you’ve to clean 3 litter boxes or smelly poop around your home. 

Most people make the myth that cats may punish us by peeing all around the home initially, or they may do that to irritate us. But that’s not true. The reason behind this behaviour of the cat is that she may be suffering from a urinary tract infection.

As you know that cats can’t speak or display their pain, so they cover up any vulnerabilities and try to hide them. Being a cat owner, you must keep an eye on your cat’s health and look for any UTI signs to call for immediate help.

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3. Myth About Cats Love to Play and Live Outside 

Cats are tamed, so they love to spend their better and healthier lives inside your homes. However, it’s just a myth that they love to be outside because if we leave them outside, there are many chances that their life will be reduced

Cats are habitual of three-dimensional home space, so interacting with the outside environment and other cats may help to keep them away from boredom. But your cat may get hurt because of disputes with other cats or any other reason.

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4. Myth Cats Don’t Adore Humans

This myth is spread due to the “dog person” subculture. When we compare cats with dogs, it may seem like cats have no affection for people. Most people think that cats consider them only as food providers. This myth may degrade your cats and will be quite painful for them.

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We, humans, have made a different idea of love. However, the cat also expresses their love for us but not the way we think. Even if babies shout, weep, neglect us, and emit foul odours, we don’t doubt their love for us. Just the same cats are also the babies they love, depend on, and trust us.

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9 Life-Threatening Myths and Misconceptions About Cats

Life-Threatening Myths and Misconceptions About Cats

1. Vaping or Smoking is Acceptable Near Cats

Smoking causes a huge threat to cats than humans or other animals. According to studies, passive smoking poses vulnerable effects on cats; causes mouth cancer or malignant tumours. The carcinogens produced due to smoking traps inside the carpets stay for a long time. So, smoking around your cat must be prohibited, especially inside your home. 

2. Cats Land on Their Paws to be Safe

When cats jump from a higher place, they twist themselves in midair to ensure their feet fall first on the ground. This acrobatic stunt’s success depends on the landing slope and altitude.

Some places are too high, and jumping from there can cause high-rise illness; it’s a summertime epidemic of cat injuries due to falling from windows.

3. Cats Eat Food According to their need

This is absurd because, in some countries, overweight cats are becoming more prevalent than healthier ones. Moreover, few cats are always hungry, and if they eat at the same rate, they may become obese or develop diabetes or arthritis issues.

4. Cats that Act Aggressively Show Their Supremacy

It’s not true, and cats aren’t dominant creatures. But if they act violently against you or attack other cats, there may be a bigger issue. Their violent actions are the reflection of annoyance, tension, or nervousness, or maybe they’re suffering from an unidentified health issue.

5. Cats Who Don’t Show Aren’t in Pain

Cats show suffering in a variety of ways, such as they may have breathing issues or they may don’t enjoy the “five freedoms“. These five freedoms include the escape from food and water, illness and suffering, pain, anxiety, or anguish, as well as the liberty to behave normally.

6. Cats Spray to Mark their Dominance

Spraying is a natural behaviour of cats, and they do it on furniture items, clothing, and Xmas gifts to show their dominance. However, cats can also use spraying to cope with stressful situations or when they feel down. For example, confusion or joint stiffness may also cause your cats to spray inside your home. If these ailments aren’t treated, they may even get worse.

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7. Cats Prefer the Night

Cats are nocturnal animals; thus, they’re mostly active at sunrise and sunset. They spend the whole day sleeping. So, you must provide them with food before going to bed so that they’ll sleep peacefully at night. Moreover, if your cat meows at night, it may show that he may be experiencing distress or pain or any other medical condition.

8. Cats Purring Shows They’re Happy

Cats’ purring not only shows their happiness but also indicates if they’re scared, ill, or in discomfort. So, make sure the cat’s purring signal if it shows pain, then use several different drugs to give them relief.

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9. A Cat Can Live Nine Years

This isn’t true, as you know that people believe that cats are invulnerable due to their extraordinary skill. Even though cats are famous for surviving earthquakes as well as other natural hazards. But most researchers have shown that every year millions of cats die on roads due to traffic accidents.

Common Myths About Your Cat

Common Myths About Your Cat

Myth No. 1: Cats May Eat a Little Chocolate

Cats are strongly prohibited from chocolates; they can’t even have a little piece of it. The reason is that chocolate has theobromine which is a toxic alkaloid for both cats and dogs. Even though dark chocolate is much more dangerous than plain milk chocolate, it includes a greater amount of theobromine. This chemical is present in high amounts in cocoa—so your cats can’t digest cocoa-based products comfortably.

Myth No. 2: Women Who’re Pregnant Can’t Own Cats

Some cats who hunt frequently have toxoplasmosis, a disease that is harmful to an innocent fetus. This disease may be transmitted to pregnant women by accidentally inhaling the pathogen in cat faeces. However, if any expecting mother owns a cat, then she’s advised to wash her hands after handling them.

Myth No. 3: Worms and Lice Can be Avoided by Garlic

There isn’t any proof in science that garlic keeps bugs or lice away. In actuality, cats’ anaemia can be brought on by garlic.

Myth No. 4: Sick Cats Consume Grass

The grass enzymes work as a natural cleanser for cats, and if they eat them, they can’t digest them. Cats can safely and naturally spit undesirable bones, wings, and hairballs from their digestive systems by ingesting grass.

Myth No. 5: Buttering a Cat’s Feet Prevents it From Wandering

Buttering the cat’s feet will let you know where he’s wandering. But instead of doing this, you can also leave them in a specially constructed cage so they can establish a “territory.” Whenever you leave your cat outside, you can also attach a collar identification microchip to it.

Myth No. 6: Cats May Consume Dog Meal

If your cat is eating dog food, it’ll be extremely hazardous because it lacks the vital nutrients that cats require.

Myth No. 7: Cats Should be of 6 Months to Get Neutered

It is essential to contact your veterinarian for your cat’s neutering. Most cats can be neutered before 8 weeks.

Myth No. 8: A Bell-Equipped Cat won’t be able to Capture Birds

Cats are intelligent creatures and learn well to move stealthily so that they can easily grab prey. But it’s advised that you must keep your inside after dark to stop them from capturing birds.

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Frequently Asked Question

What are Cats Most Afraid of?

Most cats are usually afraid of the following things:

1. Loud noises.
2. Snakes or hard wire resembling snakes.
3. Fireworks.
4. Water.
5. Change in environment.
6. Unfamiliar fruit, people, or any other object.
7. Mirror.
8. String scents.

What are Some Cat Stereotypes?

Some common stereotypes of these feline friends are as follows:
1. It’s not easy to train a cat.
2. A cat can eat a bar of chocolate.
3. It’s impossible for indoor cats to become sick.
4. Cats may harm you while cuddling.
5. It’s silly to brush a cat’s teeth.
6. Cats can live nine years.
7. Cats lose their balance sense without their whiskers.
8. It’s good for female cats to give birth before neutering.
9. Cats can eat unhealthy table scraps as much as they want.

Cats Can See in Complete Darkness?

Not quite. But, they’ve excellent low-light vision, which gives these domestic cats an edge on their victims, especially in moonlight. According to Veterinarians, cats’ eyes can receive more light because of their huge corneas, 50% bigger than those of humans.

Can Your Cats Have Milk?

Although cats like milk and happily consume an entire bowl, still it’s bad for their health. This is because most cats can’t digest the cow’s milk enzymes because they’re sensitive to lactose.

Final Thoughts!

Cats are extraordinarily sensitive and intelligent creatures, and they must be treated with respect rather than with contempt for our ignorance or a lack of understanding. Most of the time, we only need to appreciate our cats and fully comprehend their personality after adopting one.

Therefore, resist the impact of erroneous misconceptions and let go of any preconceived notions you may have regarding these feline friends. When you buy a cat, you’ll realize how they make us feel so incredibly happy, and you’ll surely experience joy by caring for and purring your cat.

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