Why Are Orange Cats So Dumb? Definitely A Myth

Have you ever heard this rumour that orange cats act foolishly and are stupid? To judge your orange cat’s intelligence, you must consider its breed first, as you know that orange cats don’t constitute a separate breed. So, is it right to say that all orange cats look stupid? Why are orange cats so dumb?

Are orange cats dumb? No, orange cats do have intelligence because orange is just the colour of a cat coat, and it has nothing to do with their intellectual abilities. Although many orange cats may have average intelligence, however, some of them have higher IQs.

As you know, a cat’s intellect is more related to its breed, nutrition, and training than to the colour of its coat. In today’s post, we’ll discuss various myths regarding orange cats’ intellectuals and also clarify the most frequently asked queries about orange cats’ intelligence. Let’s delve into the details to know more:

Are Orange Cats Intelligent

Are Orange Cats Intelligent?

Most people have observed that orange cats possess average IQ, but not a superior one. Since several cat breeds can have orange coats, it’ll be difficult to estimate whether all of them are intelligent or not. It’s crucial to keep in mind that cats are unique creatures having different characteristics and intellects that can’t be associated with their coat colour.

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Are Orange Cats Dumb? Definitely A Myth!

It’s just a myth that orange cats who lack intelligence are made. They aren’t stupid but have average intelligence. But certain orange cats have lesser IQs.

Are Orange Cats Dumb

Moreover, a cat’s intelligence isn’t much related to its coat colour; however, breed nature will decide your cat’s intelligence. To assist you in knowing about your orange cat’s intelligence and reputation, we’ll go through all the relevant facts.

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What Are Some of The Orange Cat’s Traits?

What Are Some of The Orange Cat's Traits

1. Intelligence

Most cat owners say that orange cats are far cleverer. Due to the abundance of these orange cat breeds, it’ll be difficult to identify their intelligence. But it’s proven that the orange cat’s breed has a greater influence on its personality and intellect than its coat colour does.

2. Friendliness

Orange cats are marked as more chatty than other cats. They engage with people more quickly than other cat varieties.

Orange tabby breeds are one of the friendliest pets, and they’re usually males. They’re brave, energetic, and much more receptive to engaging humans than female tabby orange felines are.

3. Affection

In addition to being curious and communicative, orange felines are incredibly loving towards their caretakers. There are fewer causes of this affection:

Orange felines are often male; they’re brave and quickly attract their owner’s strangers’ attention.

Another reason is that orange felines are typically sluggish, preferring to cuddle on a person’s lap over playing with toys.

But don’t worry if your orange feline doesn’t show up its affection like this.

4. Orange Cat Personality

Male orange felines have several characteristics in common:

  • Daring and adventurous personality
  • Dominance
  • Regular and carefree naps
  • Honest and kind
  • Ability to face risks

If orange felines are raised in a wonderful environment, then they’ll behave the way you want.

Why Are Orange Cats So Weird? Why are Orange Cats so Crazy?

Why are Orange Cats so Crazy

Several orange feline owners claim that their furry friends behave strangely and are curious about what’s going on. They’ll interfere in circumstances they don’t need to. The reason behind orange felines’ weird behaviour is that they’re more aggressive and adventurous males; thus, it’s not surprising to encounter them in risky circumstances. Therefore, most people also consider the affection of these cats weird.

What Are Orange Cats Known For?

In addition to wondering what makes orange felines look stupid, you must think about what these orange felines are famous for. Let’s look at some fascinating truths about these cute orange pets!

What Are Orange Cats Known For
  1. All orange tabby felines must-have coat designs, including mackerel, ticking, classical, and stripes. There must be some pattern on tabby cats having orange furs.
  2. Orange felines aren’t defining a specific breed. All orange cats related to Persian, American Munchkin, and other breeds have orange colour coats.
  3. The M-shaped mark on orange cats‘ heads has a myth that it was formed when Mother Mary kissed their forehead after being warmed by baby Jesus. It’s even said that she may write Her initial letter with her finger on the cat’s forehead; that’s why M’s letter appears there.
  4. Orange cat’s skin produces a pheomelanin pigment that makes their furs orange or reddish undertones.
  5. There are more male orange cats than female ones; 80% of orange felines are males.
  6. Orange cats are famous for their nicknames, such as ginger, marmalade, or huge red cats. Etc.
  7. Orange furry friends are loving, sociable, furry, and eager to show their owner’s attention. So, must socialize them and provide a secure atmosphere for their growth.
  8. Orange tabbies love to eat food with their owners, and their love for food never ends; that’s why they ended up as huge red cats. But we must provide them balanced diet as overeating can lead to obesity that causes severe medical conditions in these felines.
  9. Orange cats are famous for being sluggish and consuming lots of food. They’re excellent cuddle friends, but due to their inactivity, certain serious health problems may arise.

Why Are Orange Tabby Cats So Affectionate?

Orange cats are more affectionate towards their owners than other cats, in addition to being vocal and adventurous. There are a few possible explanations for being affectionate.

Why Are Orange Tabby Cats So Affectionate
  • Firstly, male cats have outspoken emotions and feelings, making them prone to pursuing the attention of their caretakers.
  • Second, orange felines are considered as being lazier instead of other cats. 

But it’s crucial to keep in mind each cat is unique. Because of this, you’ll never be concerned if your orange felines behave differently.

Are Orange Cats More Aggressive?

Orange felines are extremely loving and sociable, but they may react aggressively if they’re terrified, feel endangered, or weren’t properly socialized at a young age.

However, their large size and outgoing personality make them more inclined to engage in conflict over food. This is most likely to occur in male orange cats because they’ll easily engage in territorial disputes with other cats.

Are Orange Cats Evil?

If orange cats are raised well and properly socialized at an early age, they won’t become evil. They are not typically known to be mean cats. Orange cats are famous for being gregarious, sociable, and talkative with others, mainly with their caretakers. So, they aren’t considered bad cats, for sure!

What Are the Pros and Cons of Owning an Orange Cat?

Let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages of owning an orange feline so you’ll know what you can expect from these potentially adorable cats.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Owning an Orange Cat


  1. If you want a friendly feline, then a ginger cat is the best of all. However, all orange cats are friendlier, social, and loving instead of being fighter cats.
  2. Ginger cats are the most beautiful cats because their ginger coats have tabby prints. Moreover, their pink noses enhance their beauty. 
  3. Ginger felines perfectly express their affection and emotions to their caretakers.
  4. However, orange cats may be considered dumb cats, but they can understand everything quickly. That’s whenever you shout out their names, and they’ll approach you within a minute. 


    1. Ginger felines are a little bit clingier. They’ll follow you everywhere. They may sleep on your neck or cuddle you the whole day, which might be irritating for some owners.  
    2. As you know, these cats are sluggish and love to eat, so they easily become obese. Due to this, they easily get feline obesity diseases and have a short life. 
    3. Sometimes these marmalade cats become dominant and aggressive. This is due to a lack of training, and many of these cats went to cat rehabilitation centres.
    4. Some owners also complain that these make much noise. When they purr or meow, they do it so loudly that even your neighbours can listen.

    Frequently Asked Question

    Why are orange cats special?

    Orange cats have specific pigment that makes their furs reddish or ginger tones. Moreover, their friendly, affectionate, and risk-taking nature makes them special and superior to other feline breeds.  

    Are Orange Cats Talkative?

    According to most cat owners, orange felines are far more chatty than other cats. Moreover, male orange felines are bolder and more enthusiastic than female felines, which is the main reason why they approach you quickly. 

    What Color Cat Is the Friendliest?

    Orange cats are the friendlies with people and even with other cats. But it’s crucial to keep in mind that each cat has a unique personality. Because of this, all orange felines might not be that social.

    The attitude and temperament of a cat depend on how they’re socialized when they’re a kitten and their previous life experiences.

    Do orange cats have fewer brain cells?

    Just like cats have various coat colours, orange felines also have an equal number of cells in the brain.

    Why are orange cats so rare?

    In reality, orange female felines are uncommon; 80% of orange cats are usually males. According to researchers, the reason behind fewer ginger females is that the ginger gene located on the X – linked chromosomes in orange cats functions differently in them than it does in people. That’s why more male cats are produced. 

    The Bottom Line on Why Are Orange Cats So Dumb

    I think we’ve finally resolved the question asked by most cat affectionate owners why are orange felines so dumb? So, they’re not! What did you want in your cat than friendliness, good looks, cuteness, and a desire for hugs and kisses? If you buy an orange feline for your home, then I assure you that you’ll have the most affectionate cat ever.

    No matter if you have an orange male or any rare orange female. You just need to provide them with a secure, good lifestyle where she/he can socialize a lot.

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