When Do Male Cats Go Into Heat? [Explained]

Male and female cats are known to indicate their desire for offspring during the mating season by behaving in heat and often exhibiting behaviours like spraying urine, fleeing, and yowling. When they achieve sexual maturity, a number of factors affect their behaviour. As it’s well known, female cats display strange behaviour during their oestrous cycle, but what about male cats? When do male cats go into heat?

Male cats do not undergo a heat cycle in the same way that female cats do, but when they reach sexual maturity, male cats exhibit a variety of bizarre behaviour.

Mating between partners occurs when both reach sexual maturity. I suppose you could say he is permanently in the heat for the length of his adult life, as opposed to coming “into heat” at various points during the year.

On the other hand, females go through cycles of heat when the time is appropriate. After achieving sexual maturity, females begin their reproductive seasons, which last from February to October.

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What Does Cat Heat Mean

What Does Cat Heat Mean?

A female feline goes into heat when she is fertile and ready to mate. Cats entering “season” is a common term for it. When a cat is in heat, mating nearly always leads to pregnancy, and a few months later, a litter of kittens is born.

At a very young age, sexual maturation occurs. But how old can a cat become pregnant? In contrast, females reach sexual maturity at four months old and start their heat cycles at this time. This suggests that your cat could still be a kitten even if she had her own litter.

Tomes become sexually mature later compared to their opposite sex, usually having an age between six-twelve months. They can conceive a female cat once they reach reproductive status.

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Do Male Cats Go Into Heat?

Only females go in heat, When male cats reach sexual maturity, they exhibit an array of strange behaviours that are only experienced by female cats in heat.

Despite the fact that some people refer to these behaviours as “in heat,” they are not true estrus cycles, but rather women’s biological responses to estrus.

Do Male Cats Go Into Heat

A cat’s vomeronasal organ is specially equipped to recognize biochemical messages, including pheromones. The biochemical signals can provide cats with valuable information, such as the age, gender, and reproductive status of their companions.

It is easy for male cats to detect females in heat just by smelling their cheek glands or urine pheromones. A female need not be present to indicate this to them. Despite the fact that the female may no longer be around, males can smell where the female has urinated hours or even days earlier. 

The cats will go through a number of heat cycles during the ensuing three months. Throughout these periods, which are separated by around three weeks, females look for companions. They actually never stop hunting for a companion!

How a Male Cat Behaves in Heat?

Although they won’t experience heat cycles, male cats’ behaviour changes as they reach sexual maturity.

Unlike female cats, which only sometimes show indications of heat during mating season, male cats remain fertile throughout their whole adult lives; thus, whatever behavioural changes they go through will endure a lifetime.

Signs of a Male Cat in Heat

Signs of a Male Cat in Heat

Some signs that a male cat is prepared for reproduction include the ones listed below:

  • A male cat may start yowling in response to females responding to his vocalizations, resulting in louder and more persistent vocalizations from the female. 
  • Spraying and leaving pee stains on objects around your home.
  • Spending more time outside hunting for a mate
  • Fighting and antagonism with neighbourhood cats,
  • Males call to nearby fertile females more often,
  • Demanding Pushy Behaviour.

It’s common to see that these male cat heat symptoms worsen during mating season. They are able to identify nearby pregnant females, which accounts for this.

They will be able to hear them shouting out and smell their pheromones, which will signal that they are looking for a male.

If your male cat notices these vivacious ladies nearby, he can become even more determined to mate. They’ll get louder, pushier, and more hostile.

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How to Calm Down Male Cats in Heat?

During the cat’s mating season, it could be very challenging to be around the cat.

It goes without saying that you will need to clean up the urine your cat sprayed all over your home in an effort to attract females. That is, prior to the pushing and demanding behaviour. They produce loud vocalisations that will keep you up at night.

There are a few things you can do to help your cats relax and alleviate these behavioural changes during this difficult time:

How to Calm Down Male Cats in Heat

1. Use Pheromone-Related Items

When a cat is in heat tends to rub its nose on things more frequently. A significant amount of cat pheromones are released from the cheeks and are subsequently transferred to the other object. 

So it is possible to use soothing pheromone products on cats. By bringing calming pheromones into their environment, active males can be rendered more relaxed.

These pheromones can also function as a counterbalance to the heat pheromones that females produce. There are pheromone sprays, diffusers, and collars available.

2. Keep your Cat Alone (Isolated)

As your cat searches for a companion, you should keep it away from other cats. Indoor cats become happy when cat owners play with them.

There are lots of interesting toys to engage the body and mind like cat trees, scratching posts, and other interesting things for cats.

Free-roaming, intact males have had no problem impregnating dozens of females over a lifetime, resulting in unwanted litters of kittens that end up in shelters.

3. Utilise Catnip Toys and Sprays

Does your cat respond nicely to catnip? If so, you could find it helpful to offer your male cat some drugs to help them relax. Catnip serves as a diversion from the search for a friend. Even if it is only for a little period of time, this might be the break you require.

Catnip initially causes cats to act a bit erratically. They could begin to roll about on the ground, run around erratically, or even begin to slobber and purr. This indicates that your cat is enjoying the fun.

However, the duration of this first response won’t exceed 10 minutes. Once this first response has worn off, cats will become noticeably more lethargic and sleepy.

4. Keep Your House Immaculate

One of the most annoying symptoms of a male cat in heat is spraying. The scent-marking behaviour of men has two causes.

Firstly, the searching for a mate. Additionally, male cats use it to indicate their territory. As they already have this region, they are recommending other males to go elsewhere for a friend.

Cats, unfortunately, frequently return to the same spot to urinate. Although we may believe the fragrance has vanished, cats have millions more scent receptors than humans do. If there are strong smells, your guy will think it is okay to urinate here.

5. Play with your Male Cat as a Distraction

Your male cat may be distracted from seeking a companion if you play with him. Plan more playtime than usual, and choose the toys that your cat loves using.

This will aid male cats in forgetting about looking for a female cat in heat and maintaining them physically fit and healthy.

If you spend a lot of time away from home, you may also think about purchasing automated cat toys. Male cats may choose to search for females to mate with as their favourite hobby when they are bored and have nothing else to do.

6. Make loud noises

If your cat is yowling or being territorial, loud noise can curb those behaviours, at least temporarily. You should clap together if your cat shows excessive vocalization or picks fights with other pets.

Using this distraction technique can give you a few minutes of peace and quiet, However, it won’t give you long-term peace and quiet. 

How to Stop a Male Cat From Mating?

The best way to prevent your male cat from mating is to keep him indoors and create a cat enclosure. It is important to consider neutering your male cat in order to prevent him from impregnating another female.

When it comes to dealing with sexual behaviours in male cats, neutering is the most obvious option. Cats lose their desire to mate after castration since their testosterone levels drop significantly. When a pet is neutered, most pet parents notice that sexual behaviours like spraying and roaming have diminished or stopped completely.

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How Frequently Do Cats Get Into Heat?

Female cats are able to procreate and mature sexually, starting at about 4 months of age. Then, typically from February to October each year, they will begin their mating cycle (or season). Female cats cycle frequently, briefly, and with intervals of two to three weeks.

Since they do not ovulate until after mating, the heat cycle phase may last very long. Longer days may encourage reproduction, leading to a spike in kitten births in the months of March, April, and May.

How To Tell if Your Female Cat is in Heat? How Do I Recognise When My Cat is in Heat?

There are certain signs and symptoms to indicate this behaviour.

How To Tell if Your female Cat is in Heat
  • Meowing made by cats in estrus differs from normal meowing in sound. Extreme yowling or painful-sounding vocalisations. Occasionally, male and female cats may call to one another in an unusual way.
  • Females roll around on the floor, arch their backs, and are very sociable and flirtatious.
  • Male cats in heat are more violent and demanding, but they’re also more attention-seeking.
  • Swing the tail and lift the hindquarters.
  • Because they are ready to leave the house in pursuit of a mate, cats in heat can roam further.
  • When a male cat is in heat, it will fight more and spray more pee.
  • Feline cats seldom bleed during the heat.

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How to Care for a Female Cat in Heat

When your female cat is in heat, you can observe any of the indicators listed below:

  • She will vocalise loudly to let men know
  • Your cat continues to meow and scratch objects.
  • You could notice an increase in your cat’s friendliness with you.
  • Trying to go outside to find a partner to mate with
  • Your cat will give its private parts a more thorough brushing than usual.
  • Additionally, it will assume the mating posture by raising its hindquarters.

Your queen will be feeling lost throughout her season. If it’s her first, she can feel especially confused. Give her good company by keeping her occupied throughout the house by playing games with her and giving her toys that include rewards.

Urine spray should be reported to the veterinarian as soon as possible since it may be a sign of a UTI. This behaviour may vary from cat to cat. Your cat’s sexual development throughout the mating season requires constant attention to its health.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a male cat have a heat cycle?

Generally, a cat will be in heat for 3 to 7 days, but this cycle may go up to 20 days for certain cats.

Exactly when does a male cat reach sexual maturity?

The heating season typically lasts from September to March for toms. However, once a male cat reaches sexual maturity, he can mate with a female cat anytime between 6–12 months.

How to recognise if a cat is in heat or not by behavioural indicators, e.g. Meowing made by cats in estrus differs from normal meowing in sound.

At what age do male cats start spraying?

The first sign of spraying a kitten should show up when it reaches maturity. The majority of cats start spraying around six to seven months old, although male cats may begin at four or five months old.

How often do cats go into heat?

Female cats may go into heat twice or three times per month if they are not spayed. The breeding season of cats generally happens during the summer, when the temperature is warmer. Cats can go through multiple heat cycles during this time

Are cats in pain when they’re in heat?

Every cat experiences the heat cycle at some point during their lives. While cats may feel some discomfort or agitation during this time, being in heat is not typically painful for them.

Final Words!

Male cats can impregnate females at any time once they attain sexual maturity, which happens at roughly 6 months of age. As a result, they frequently display more severe signs of heat fatigue from February to October.

The more active the adjacent females are, the more frustrated and demanding males get about finding a partner. This might lead to undesirable behaviours like spraying, meowing, or even running away from home.

It is important to make an effort to soothe a male cat in heat in order to stop these behaviours from spiralling out of hand.

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