How To Tell If Cat Mating Was Successful? Sings To Look Out

The first time you breed your cats, it’s hard to tell when they’re ready to mate and whether the mating was successful. If your cat is unspayed, it is quite easy for her to get pregnant. Females that have not been spayed can go into heat as early as six months old.

With just one mating, there is typically a very high possibility of conception. So if you think your cat could be pregnant, you might be right. Perhaps you noticed her partner in the backyard. Or is it just that she’s acting a little odd right now?

In this article, I’ll go through how to tell whether a cat’s mating was successful and whether you’re going to have a litter of kittens. You can keep an eye out for behavioural and physical symptoms. Variations in your cat’s hormone levels are the main cause of the bulk of them.

Cat Mating and Conception

Cat Mating and Conception

Cat Mating

To show her readiness to mate, the queen will demonstrate a certain posture: chest down, forelegs bent, rear quarters up with tail to side to expose the vulva. As if she were walking in place, her back legs may tread in a repeating manner.

The tomcat will grab the female by the back of her neck with his fangs and enter his genitalia inside her vulva. Male cats with intact penises have barbed penises, and as the male cat withdraws, the female cat will commonly weep. Ovulation is supposed to be triggered by the barbed penis. Breeders frequently use Teaser Toms to stop the queens’ estrous cycle and trigger ovulation in females.


Normally ovulation happens 20 to 50 hours after a couple has mated. The eggs are fertilised in the oviduct before being transferred to the uterus via the uterine horn and embedded in the uterine lining within 12 to 13 days.

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9 Ways to Determine Whether or Not a Cat Mating Attempt Was Successful

Ways to Determine Whether or Not a Cat Mating Attempt Was Successful

1. The Pinking of Your Cat’s Nipples

As the foetuses grow over the next 63 days, you’ll find indications of successful mating in your cat. The most prominent feature is the pinking of nipples. After 15 to 18 days of successful mating, your cat’s nipples will be pink and swollen. She will gain weight, and her milk glands will fill with milk as her due date approaches.

2. Swelling in the Abdomen

Even your veterinarian may not be able to tell if your cat is pregnant until she has been pregnant for 26 to 35 days. An ultrasound can be used to detect a pregnancy, or your veterinarian can touch the uterus to diagnose the abdomen. In the uterus, a string of pearls can be felt.

The abdomen will have a burro-like appearance. Do not, however, press too forcefully on her stomach since this might hurt her or result in an abortion.

3. Affection Became Stronger

Because of the hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy, increased affection can be an indication of successful mating as well as a symptom of heat.

4. Gaining Excess Weight

As she takes more food, your cat will naturally gain weight. Your cat’s weight will gradually increase throughout the pregnancy. It varies greatly depending on the number of kittens in the litter. A 2 to 5-pound weight gain is considered typical.

5. End of the Heat Cycle

The most evident indicator that a cat has successfully mated and is pregnant is the end of the heat cycle. Cats normally go through a heat cycle in 10 to 14 days. You could find that summertime behaviour like licking genitals and marking urine fade away rapidly, suggesting the possibility of pregnancy.

6. Habits of Nesting

Your cat’s hormones change when she becomes pregnant. She begins to demonstrate nesting behaviour, in which she seeks out a quiet and secluded area to give birth to her kittens. She would seek a moist and hidden area to ensure the survival of her babies in the wild.

7. Changes in Behaviour

In particular, you’ll notice a change in your cat’s behaviour. Cats who are pregnant snooze a lot more than usual. They preserve as much energy as possible to grow life within them. They’ll spend less time hurrying and more time relaxing and rejuvenating.

8. Diagnosis

If you’re still unclear about the indicators of your cat’s pregnancy, diagnostic testing is the most accurate method. It may be done in several different ways, e.g., X-ray or ultrasonography etc.

9. Getting Sick in the Morning

If the vomiting persists, you should consult your veterinarian since it might indicate a more serious ailment or disease. After successful mating, the queen may refuse to eat or vomit. This is a rather common phenomenon among pregnant cats. Temperature changes can also be seen in her armpits. The temperature of a pregnant woman normally drops.

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Which Signs Does Your Pregnant Cat Shows?

Male cats move to a female cat in heat, while female cats will go to any length to find a male cat to mate with. If your cat comes into contact with an unneutered male cat while in heat, the chances of becoming pregnant get increase. Physical and behavioural changes begin to occur in a pregnant queen three weeks after mating. 

Signs Your Pregnant Cat Shows

Taking Care of a Pregnant Cat

Taking care of them is similar to taking care of any other adult feline. Some suggestions to keep the mother healthy and strong throughout the pregnancy are as follows:


Make sure your cat is getting enough food, which may need a modification in his or her diet. Your cat requires more calories to support the new life that is developing inside her. You can ask your veterinarian about particular food for reproduction. To aid growth, it requires a high protein content as well as a moderate quantity of fat.

Veterinary Exam

Even if you’re 99 per cent sure that cat mating went well, you should still take your cat to the vet for a basic checkup. Any diseases that your veterinarian discovers can be identified and treated by him or her. You can increase the likelihood of a healthy litter by enhancing the mother’s health.


Firstly, provide a nesting area for your cat. Your cat will be in a stress-free environment as a result of this. You don’t want your pregnant cat to leave the house in search of a safe place to give birth. All you’ll need are towels and blankets to line the boxes.

What Stages of Estrus Do Cats Go Through?

Stages of a feline estrus

What Stages of Estrus Do Cats Go Through


There aren’t many symptoms of this period in cats. Despite the fact that the female is attracted to the guy, she refuses to mate with him. It lasts for a couple of days.


When the male cat is interested in the female cat, rolling on the floor, loud vocalising, lifting the hindquarters, and maybe a reduction in appetite is the most prevalent behavioural indicators. This stage lasts between 3 and 14 days.


The period between estrus cycles if the female hasn’t been bred. Time varies from 2 to 3 weeks. The period that follows mating. It lasts 30 to 40 days.


Between the estrus periods, the female cat becomes inactive. Its time frame is 2 to 3 months.

Frequently Asked Questions

Having your cat sterilised before her first estrous cycle is the simplest way to prevent her from becoming pregnant. Because it might be difficult to predict when the first cycle will occur, most veterinarians recommend undergoing an ovariohysterectomy when the cat reaches the age of six months.

The Bottom Line on How to Tell if Cat Mating Was Successful

Finally, make sure your cat gets all of the attention and nourishment she requires because a healthy pregnancy depends on it. Ensure she has access to food, water, and a litter box at all times, and encourage her to get enough rest. Before giving her any immunizations or drugs, always consult your physician. 

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