How To Stop Cat From Jumping On TV Stand?[Answered]

As you know cats’ bodies are built to be graceful, strong, and capable of keeping stability even in confined spaces, so it is logical to think that TV is a terrific kind of entertainment for them. Cats can jump on televisions of any size. But why do they jump on a TV and How To Stop Cat From Jumping On TV Stand?

TV contains lots of color and moving objects and is placed on a high shelf which makes it ideal for cats to relax beside it or jump over it.

You can stop your cat from jumping over the TV by mounting it on the wall, making the place uncomfortable, spending more time with your cat, moving the TV, or limiting your cat’s access to the TV room. 

Cats enjoy jumping on TVs, although it may be a big hassle for cat owners. There are efficient techniques to prevent your cat from climbing up on the television, so don’t panic. We’ll examine a few of the most effective remedies, such as deterrents, alternate places for jumping and training cats to stay away from the TV. So continue reading if you’d like to learn how to prevent your cat from climbing on the TV.

Why is My Cat Obsessed With My TV
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Why is My Cat Obsessed With My TV?

As inherently curious animals, cats are obsessed with everything that’s moving. With the plethora of moving visuals on TV displays, it should be no surprise to cat owners that their cats frequently sit close to the TV.

Cats also enjoy living in an environment with the comforting sights and sounds of the TV. They might be inspired by their owners or their cat companions by seeing individuals or creatures on the screen. Furthermore, cats are likely attracted to screens as they feel their heat.

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Why Do Cats Like to Jump on TV?

Cats climb on television because they enjoy being in high places and desire to ascend further. The most probable explanation is that it provides them with a sense of security and dominance. The TV stand, being at a higher vantage point, becomes an appealing spot for your cat to observe their surroundings and keep a close eye on you and other family members.

Why Do Cats Like to Jump on TV

Moreover, cats love shiny things, and your TV is likely the shiniest item in your living room. They are encouraged to jump up the TV and get a better look at the screen’s reflection, which acts as a gigantic cat magnetic force.

Cats also climb on the TV as they enjoy the cozy light coming out of it which makes it an excellent spot for naps. They can’t help but want to cuddle up next to it since it looks like a huge cat bed. According to your cat, the TV shelf is the best location to hang out as it gives they get a decent view of their environment from above. These factors come together to make your TV the perfect place for a cat to rest.

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How to Stop a Cat from Jumping on the TV?

Cats are known to enjoy climbing and exploring, and the TV is certainly a must. Even though your cat could climb up on the tv to have a clear view, doing so could be dangerous for your cat as well as the TV. Luckily, there are a few easy measures that will help you to stop your cat from climbing up on the TV.

How to Stop a Cat from Jumping on the TV

1. Reduce Its Attractiveness

When you’re not using the TV, hide it with a covering or sheet so that it’ll be less attractive to cats and they won’t be attracted to its thrilling look. Their focus will be taken off the screen as a result of this.

2. Hang your TV on the wall

As you know cats like to jump over the TV, so for making it less accessible for cats mount it on the wall.  This idea will make it much more difficult for your feline to reach it and also avoid any injury.

3. Place Double Sided Tape (sticky objects are not their favorite)

The application of double-sided tape is among the easiest methods for keeping cats away from your TV. They will rapidly realize that the TV is not a spot they prefer to be in if the tape is applied to the screen’s outer edges. They won’t try to climb up on the TV because of how sticky their claws feel.

4. a Big TV

If you own a small TV, your cat might be attracted to it as it presents a challenging task. They might believe they can sneak through the restricted areas and reach the other end. They won’t attempt to climb if you buy a larger TV.

5. Wrap Aluminum Foil Across Your TV

You may cat-proof your TV by wrapping it in aluminum foil. Metal is often avoided by cats because of its extreme sensitivity to its roughness. Just be careful not to completely cover the TV screen in aluminum foil since this can prevent you from watching it.

6. Educate Your Cat to Avoid Jumping on the TV

Cats are extremely smart animals, and with some practice, they can be taught not to climb on the Screen. By rewarding positive behavior, you can teach your cat to stop doing this if it has a strong desire to do so.

You can teach your cat to stop climbing on the TV or scraping it by giving them enough time and effort. But even if you’re frustrated, refrain from hitting or yelling at your cat. This will simply worsen the issue and endanger your cat.

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How Do I Stop My Cat from Going Behind the TV?

To prevent your cat from going behind the TV, you can try the following ways:

How Do I Stop My Cat from Going Behind the TV

1. Apply Cat Repellent Around Your TV

Cats can be susceptible to odors or might be irritated by a variety of aromas, including lemon spray or coffee beans. To stop your cat from going behind your TV, spray the area with cat repellent. The majority of pet retailers now sell sprays that deter cats. Keep in mind that you are using the appropriate quantity to keep your cat healthy.

2. Put a Distracting Material Close to the TV

Cats can be distracted by placing some amusing stuff around your TV. This way she won’t go behind your TV. These items could be scraping posts, catnip, and even cat toys.

3. Turn off the TV

Your cat may simply be fascinated with the TV if you notice that they’re wandering around the TV. They’ll ultimately become dissatisfied with the TV if you turn it off.

4. Purchase a Cat Tree

Cats are known to enjoy climbing. They’ll be more inclined to play with the cat tree in your house rather than go behind the TV if you have one. They can climb and explore safely on cat trees, which will deter them from bothering the television.

5. Put the TV in a Different Room

You have to relocate your cat to a different room if you discover that it simply cannot be separated from the TV. They’ll have a chance to discover other areas of your house as a result, and they’ll probably become tired of watching TV.

6. Rearrange Furniture

Reorganize the furnishings to prevent cats from going behind the TV or other nearby items with ease.

7. Stop Your Cat from Going Into the Television Room

When everything else fails, keeping your cat out of the TV room is the ideal technique to cat-proof your TV. Install a pet gate or confine them to a different room so they can’t access the TV. Although it may sound cruel, it is the most effective approach to prevent your cat from watching TV.

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How Do I Stop My Cat From Jumping on Furniture?

Cats are naturally curious creatures who want to be high off the ground because it makes them secure. As a result, they occasionally jump onto surfaces that people prefer not, such as furnishings.

How Do I Stop My Cat From Jumping on Furniture

1. Find Out the Cause of Your Cat’s Jumping

Observe that your cat is attempting to get on the furnishings for a cause. From the chair, there might be a nice view. Or perhaps she enjoys curling up on a big couch. Also, it’s possible that y our cat might be jumping on the furniture because of boredom.

Please keep in mind that your cat is not jumping on the furnishings to cause you any trouble. Don’t get offended by the behavior; just try to stop it calmly.

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2. Train Your Cat Not to Jump

If you just bought your first cat or you’ve observed your cat leaping on the furnishings, train them instantly. You shouldn’t think that the cat will just stop leaping on things or get tired of it. Instead, express your dissatisfaction and make it clear to your feline that she must not climb on the furnishings.

It’s best to refrain from disciplining your cat because she won’t comprehend why you’re screaming, beating, or water-spraying her.

3. Attach Double Sided Tape on the Furnishings

Put double-sided tape along every edge of the furnishings since cats dislike being stuck. Most likely, your cat will hop up, feel uneasy, and afterward leap off. So, she learns not to climb on the furnishings, you might want to keep the tape on for an entire day or two. A double-sided tape that wouldn’t create a trace when peeled is sold in some pet supply shops.

4. Blocking the Furnishings

Although it can be a pain for you, you could wish to cover the furnishings so that your cat can’t jump on it and feel comfortable. Make it tough for the cat to approach by placing textbooks, big boxes, or simply by placing obstacles in its path.

5. Provide Additional Surfaces for Jumping

To gain a better viewpoint, your cat might be hopping on the furnishings. Attach a cat shelf to aid her with looking outside. You can hang this rack at a level where your cat may leap up and onto it to reach a window. Alternately, set up several cat bookshelves to let her jump everywhere.

A cat tree can also be positioned next to a window. So, she can jump up on it and get a decent view.

6. Buy New Cat Activities

Since she’s bored that’s why she might be jumping on the furnishings. To help her burn some energy, give her some new toys. Get several toys that you can place all over the carpet.

7. Buy Them a Comfortable Bed

Your cat may choose to cuddle on the sofa simply because it is comfortable and elevated above the ground. Attempt to provide them with a different, elevated bed.

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Frequently Asked Question

Is it harmful to let my cat jump on the TV?

While some cats may enjoy jumping on the TV, it can pose risks to both your cat and your electronics. Cats might knock down items or damage cables, leading to injury or accidents. It’s best to redirect this behavior to safe perching spots.

How to keep cats off flat screen TV?

You can prevent your TV from cats by blocking the area around it, proving them a cat tree for climbing, considering making the TV area inaccessible using barriers or pet gates, using cat-repellent scents like citrus sprays, placing enticing distractions near the TV, training your cat with positive reinforcement, and creating discomfort using materials like plastic carpet runners. Consistency and patience are key, and providing ample entertainment alternatives for your cat will help discourage the behavior.

How to keep cats off TV stands?

Make the TV stand unappealing place objects on the TV stand that cats find unattractive, such as citrus-scented items or motion-activated alarms. This will discourage your cat from jumping on the stand as they associate it with unpleasant experiences.

How long does it typically take to train a cat to avoid the TV stand?

Training duration varies from cat to cat. It may take several weeks or even a few months to establish a new behavior pattern. Be patient and consistent in your efforts.

Can I use punishment to stop my cat from jumping on the TV stand?

Punishment is not recommended as it can create fear and anxiety in your cat. Positive reinforcement and deterrents are more effective and humane training methods.

Are there specific breeds more prone to jumping on elevated surfaces?

While individual personalities play a significant role, some breeds, such as Bengals and Abyssinians, are known for their love of heights and may be more inclined to jump on TV stands.

Is watching Tv bad for cats?

The myth that watching television is detrimental to your cat is untrue. Although, TV is a great way to keep your cat engaged. However, excessive watch time is bad for cats as they become habitual of it and may jump over the TV to get the object moving inside it. As a result, they may damage themselves.

Does cat TV stress cats?

The effects of cat TV can vary among individual cats. While some cats may find it entertaining and mentally stimulating, others may become stressed or anxious due to sudden movements or loud noises in the videos. It’s essential to observe your cat’s reaction and discontinue if signs of stress are evident.

Is it good for cats to Leave the TV on?

While you’re busy, you can leave the TV on for your cat so that he might not be bored. However, keep an eye on your cat as he may climb over the TV after watching some moving bird in it. Based on your cat’s character and the degree of his hunting drive, you can turn on the TV for him.


With all these cat-proofing suggestions, you shouldn’t have an issue preventing your cat from watching TV although cats can be highly inquisitive and mischievous animals. Spend a few minutes today cat-proofing your TV to prevent the hassle of having to replace it later.

Remember not to punish your cat severely if it jumps on the TV or scratches it. Cat-proof your TV  and furnishings by following the above methods so that you can sleep peacefully knowing that your cat, your TV, and your furnishings are completely secure.

I hope I’ve covered all the options for deterring cats from your TV and furnishings. Also, you are the expert on your cat, so decide wisely to determine what will work best for your furry friend.

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