Why Felines Prefer Females Over Males?

Do your feline; wife/girlfriend/sister have a bond that makes you jealous? Even though you bought it home and scrape out its poop every day, your cat still seems to prefer the women of the house. Why is that so? What are you doing wrong?

Women tend to have personality features that cats prefer more. They are also reported to give their furry friends more attention. Read on to find out more!

Reasons Cats Prefer Women More Than Men

Reasons Cats Prefer Women More Than Men

Softer Voice

One of the reasons why cats prefer women more than men is because of their more soothing, higher-pitched voice. Felines respond faster to a high-pitched voice, finding comfort and love in it, just like human babies. They seem to adore women’s melodious voices. They can easily replicate this voice and communicate if they need anything. Women also vocalize to cats more than men do. In contrast, men have a lower-pitched voice, which is perceived as harsh and can sound like a growl to cats.

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Softer Touch 

Women have smaller, more delicate hands than men do. Their pets are more gentle compared to men’s large, calloused hands, so felines prefer the feminine touch more. It is safe to say that when pets and attention are needed, they will run up to women for softer, gentler pets.

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Motherly Instincts

Females are naturally born with caring, motherly instincts and tend to take care of everyone around them. Generally, stay-at-home moms who cook and clean also feed the family cat. Felines fall in love with those who feed them, and the way the lady of the home cares for them reminds them of their own mother. This makes them more inclined to adore the woman that takes care of them.

Similar Personality Traits

It is said that dogs are man’s best friend; the same thing can be said for women and cats. Dogs are active, rough, and playful. They are generally bigger in size. In contrast, cats are small, slender, more delicate, and conscious about their food, water, and cleanliness. A lot of these traits match up with women, which may be why cats find women more similar to them. These similar traits might help their bond to grow stronger.

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Higher Interaction

It was found in a study that women tend to respond to their feline’s most subtle movements for attention by providing attention. In return, the cats returned the attention in a loving fashion. Women also interact with cats more than men do and vocalize with them more than men. This increase in engagement and interaction makes them more fond of women than men and can help them form a stronger bond with women. 

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Frequently Asked Question

Cats respond better to females due to their high-pitched voices and softer touch. Women are also reported to give more attention to their feline pets than men do. They also prefer women’s personality traits and motherly instincts.

The Bottom Line on Why Felines Prefer Females

Because of their softer voice, gentle touch, motherly instincts, and tendency to give more attention, your cat might be head over heels for the woman of the house. But this does not imply that your cat adores you any less. Male or female, cats love to be fed and to receive attention. Simply put, women are more naturally inclined to do both of these things than men.

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